HBO delivered some stellar television this year with shows like True Blood, The Newsroom and Boardwalk Empire coming to an end, even as the network introduced new series for fans to become addicted to like True Detective.

And then of course there is Game of Thrones, the elephant in the room. The fifth season of HBO's epic fantasy saga is coming in April, and you can be sure all along the way HBO will be teasing fans about the show's triumphant return. All the more reason to watch this HBO 2014 year-end video for a look at all the shows we watched this year, as well as the ones we will be watching come next year. Of course, Game of Thrones is included, with a look back at season four of the show and a few teaser shots for the upcoming fifth season. Check it out below.

The clips don't reveal much, but they do hint at where some of the characters are going. We get a quick glimpse at Cersei with a batch of Lannister guards before the highlight reel switches to a look at Jon Snow. Surprise, he's still at the Wall!

Perhaps of the most interest are the final two shots. One sees Tyrion cloaked and looking mysterious, while the other depicts Arya arriving on some distant shore. Readers of the books of course will already know what is in store for next season, but for those who haven't read George R.R. Martin's saga, rest assured, there will be plenty of the twists and turns viewers have come to expect from HBO's flagship series.

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