Fandango Teams Up With Instagram To Get People To The Movies


Buying movie tickets on social media just became more comfortable as Fandango partnered up with Instagram to entice people to go to the movies.

The Buy Button

On Tuesday, May 8, Fandango's almost 100,000 Instagram followers found something different when they visited the movie ticket company's official page. They found a new tab that was sandwiched into the "Shop" and "Call" options. Fandango's new "Buy Tickets" button can give Instagram users the ability to get movie tickets instantly. Once Instagram users hit the button, they will be redirected to the Fandango website.

Fandango Speaks Out

Tech Times recently reached out to Fandango to learn more about this new feature. Mark Young, Fandango's senior vice president of Strategy and Business Development, told us that the movie ticket company has been longtime partners with Instagram's parent company, Facebook, since 2007. Eventually, Fandango began conversations with Instagram, and the results of those conversations lead to the creation of the "Buy Tickets" button.

"Fandango's strategy has always been to go where the consumers are at mass scale, where they are already engaged with movies. So Instagram being a massive social platform was a natural extension of what we are already doing with iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and all other major platforms. We couldn't be more excited to marry discovery with commerce," said Young.

Atom Tickets Wants In

Fandango is not the only movie ticket company that launched a social media integration. Atom Tickets also announced that it would also be integrating Instagram to boost ticket sales. Atom Tickets app can also be incorporated into Facebook accounts. If a person is going to the movies with a Facebook friend, they could quickly add them to their ticket order.

Instagram Goes Shopping

Fandango's new ability to transform Instagram users into potential moviegoers could be credited to a new service that the social media network sneakily added. In addition to taking selfies and posting Instagram stories, users can start shopping on the social media platform after they register a debit or credit card to their profiles.

Other Instagram News

During Facebook's F8 Development Conference, the social media company announced several updates for Instagram. Users were able to add elements such as Spotify music and GoPro video into their Instagram stories. Also, Instagram's camera got additional filters, and users can now video chat.

Instagram is now allowing its users to export photo, user information, and other data. If users open the "Privacy and Security" tab, there is an option called the "Data Download." It will allow users to see everything that they uploaded onto the social media app that includes photos, videos, saved Instagram stories, and commentary. As of writing, the feature is only available for the web version of Instagram. After 48 hours, Instagram will send users a link to download the archive. However, the link is just active for four days.

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