Instagram users might be able to incorporate music into future social media posts. A piece of code has leaked that showcased its future.

Musical Posts?

On Monday, May 7, TechCrunch uploaded an image that showcased several coding sequences. Outside of the string name heading, all five of the coding pieces had "music" starting the sequences. The tech media outlet also showcased several types of categories, including genres, moods, and trending.

Side By Side

After finding the code, one reader submitted a side by side of her briefly accessing the app. Several different options popped on her screen, including hashtag, location, temperature, and time. However, there were also two new icons that were featured on the menu, including a music note and a gray box with a Twenty One Pilots song in it. On the right side, there were the three categories that included a search bar.

The Third-Party Zone

News of Instagram's potential musical code leak comes after its parent company, Facebook, allowed third parties to access the social media network's over 800 million users. Among the companies that will allow Instagram users to enhance their posts is Spotify. The streaming app allowed users to add songs to their Instagram stories. Another partner is GoPro, which can incorporate photos from the device into posts.

Other Instagram News

Recently, WhatsApp revealed that it would be incorporating Instagram and Facebook videos into their messenger app. By using the picture in picture feature, which is exclusively for iOS users, it allows WhatsApp users to play video links from both social media networks on the app without forcing users to exit. In addition to playing the video, they could also message their group. Another new highlighted feature in iOS was giving administrators the ability to take away administrative privileges to group members and changing the group's subject, icon, and description by visiting "Group Settings."

Instagram users might be able to shop for items on the social media app. The Instagram team sneakily installed a payment feature. Some users discovered that they could register either a debit or credit card to their profiles and start purchasing products from Instagram. The social media network representatives hope that users could buy other items such as movie tickets from the app in the future.

At Facebook's F8 Developer Conference, it announced that it would add several new features to the Instagram app. There is a filter that directly deals with cyberbullying and hides any language intended to torture the user. It also introduced several camera effects and filters. Users will also be able to video chat if their friends still accept direct messages.

Tech Times reached out to Instagram for a comment on this story. They declined to comment.

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