A research team of scientists from the University of Wisconsin at Madison may have found a way to reduce chronic inflammation.

Finding The Link Between Yogurt And Chronic Inflammation

On Tuesday, May 15, The Journal of Nutrition published a study that showed how consuming yogurt can reduce chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is linked to several diseases such as arthritis, asthma, and bowel disease.

Led by the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Dr. Brad Bolling, the research team recruited 120 premenopausal women ages 21 to 55. The study participants were grouped into obese and non-obese categories. The research team first measured the participants' height, weight, blood pressure, and their waistline.

Yogurt And Pudding Assignments

Bolling and his research team assigned one group to consume low-fat yogurt and the other group to consume non-dairy pudding for nine weeks.

The research team also needed blood samples from their participants at random times. As they analyzed the blood work, Bolling and his team used biomarkers as benchmarks for the experiment. One biomarker was the tumor necrosis factor, a vital protein that could activate inflammation.

At the beginning and the end of the nine weeks, the team served participants a heavy meal consisting of two Jimmy Dean sausages, egg, cheese sandwich, and two hash browns. Before the participants could eat the meal, they had to consume their assigned yogurt or pudding.

The Blood Work Results Are In

Bolling and his team found that the participants that ate the yogurt before their meals had several reductions in the biomarkers. They also found that the obese women who were in the yogurt group improved their glucose metabolism. The team hopes that in the future, they would be able to determine what parts of yogurt give out these benefits.

"Ultimately, we would like to see these components optimized in foods, particularly for medical situations where it's important to inhibit inflammation through the diet. We think this is a promising approach," said Bolling.

Food, Drink, And Consequences

On May 7, Journal Pediatrics released a study that a low-carb diet could help people diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Among the food that could potentially help them are beef, broccoli, cauliflower, Greek yogurt, and salmon. The study stated that if people went on a diet, they could control their blood sugar levels and keep their hypoglycemia at low rates.

A study also found that if people consume one soda a day, the risk of getting cancer could increase. More than 35,000 men and women from Australia participated in the study. Of these, 3,283  developed obesity-related cancers due to their constant consumption of soda.

Earlier this year, the American Journal of Hypertension released a study that found evidence that higher yogurt intake could lead to a reduced risk for cardiovascular disease in hypertensive adults. The study found that the increase of yogurt consumption was linked to a 30 percent reduced risk of women getting a heart attack and a 19 percent reduced risk in men.

Tech Times reached out to Dr. Bolling for a comment on this story.

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