AT&T-owned DirecTV finally launches its Cloud DVR service alongside a new UI for all subscribers. The feature is reportedly available now with a small caveat.

Surprisingly, the company wants to inform its customers that the released update is still in its beta form. Therefore, more improvements can be expected along the way. Meanwhile, other upgrades launched with the new feature are reworked interfaces for iOS and tvOS.

A Year In The Making

Sources can recall that the company showcased the new feature at least a year ago. Beta testers were able to put the new software through its paces only in the last few months, so it should be stable enough for everyone to use immediately.

The service will allow users to record around 20 hours of content that could be accessed anytime up to 30 days from the original air date of the show. Just like regular DVRs, users can fast-forward or rewind anytime to skip through commercials.

Upcoming Subscription Options

Some consumers might find the allocated 20 hours not quite enough for DirecTV's Cloud DVR service. Thus, the company reveals its plans to offer an option to avail of additional storage space. For an additional $10, the service will offer 100 hours of recording space and keep everything for 90 days.

"Twenty hours of free recording is currently available today as we continue to evolve our beta testing of the Cloud DVR feature and expand availability to all DIRECT TV NOW customers. Record your favorites and watch virtually anytime you want for up to 30 days on your compatible smartphone, tablet, or connected big screen at home. Record an entire series or just one episode on almost all our channels. Fast Forward and rewind at will," the company stated.

More Shows And Streaming Options

Subscribers are not only going to get a new service but an expanded library as well. As it stands, over 25,000 titles are available for viewing right now. The company teases its plans to add more value with TV show episodes on-demand and available right after it airs.

Additionally, customers now have the option to add another stream channel for an extra $5 on DirecTV Now. The original configuration only permitted up to two streams.

Redesigned User Interface

The upgrades are not only limited to the service as it receives a 20-hour Cloud DVR storage capacity, but sources confirm DirecTV will get a new UI on Apple's platforms. The design focuses on what the user loves to watch and comes with a new picture-in-picture preview within the app.

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