DirecTV Now Bundles Free 32GB Apple TV 4K With 3 Months Of Prepaid Service At $105 In Total


DirecTV Now has a new offer in store for cord-cutters, bundling a free 32 GB Apple TV 4K for users who prepay three months at $105 in total.

That amounts to $35 per month for the streaming TV service with an Apple TV 4K, beating the previous offer of four months prepaid, which amounted to $140 in total to get the free Apple TV 4K.

New DirecTV Apple TV 4K Bundle

With this new offer now in place, DirecTV Now offers the best online price to date for the Apple TV 4K, which currently sells for roughly $170 or $180 at various retailers such as Best Buy, B&H Photo, and others. Interested customers can save up to $75 with the base DirecTV package.

The Apple TV 4K bundle is also available with higher DirecTV Now packages prepaid for three months, but that also means higher prices. The service starts at $35 per month and goes up to $50, $60, or $70 per month depending on how many additional channels you opt for.

Interested customers can place their order and prepay the service for three months, and they will receive the free Apple TV 4K within a few weeks in the mail. If they no longer want to use the service after the three prepaid months, customers will have to cancel their DirecTV Now subscription before the next bill (for the fourth month). Customers can keep the Apple TV 4K even if they cancel the DirecTV Now service after three months.

Limitations And Workarounds

This new offer is available only for new DirecTV Now customers and it's limited to the United States. Existing customers, however, can still take advantage of this deal if they sign up for it using another email address than they previously used for the service.

At the same time, the deal is valid for one Apple TV 4K per DirecTV account, and two for two different accounts with the same shipping address.

DirecTV Now Limited Time Offer

DirecTV Now highlights that this new deal is available only for a limited time, but does not mention just when exactly this offer will expire. It just notes that it will not last, which indicates that the previous deal with four months of prepaid service will go back into effect soon enough.

To take advantage of this deal while it still lasts, check out the dedicated DirecTV Now page, select "Redeem & Stream" at the top right, and add the Apple TV 4K to your chose plan when signing up.

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