Did you know Marvel makes animated videos using the company's own action figures? They do, and they've just released a holiday special that any Marvel fan will get a kick out of.

Thanos, the Mad Titan, is looking to break into the Inhuman city of Attilan to steal their powerful terrigen mists in order to create a super-powered army. But barging into Attilan is a great way to start an intergalactic conflict between Thanos and the entire Marvel Universe. Instead, Thanos concocts a more clever idea -- dressing up like Santa. After all, Santa Claus is the only person this time of year who can break into places with no questions asked.

The rest of the video is a series of gags that fans of the Marvel movies and comics will get a laugh from as iconic heroes like Hawkeye, Thor and Spider-Man sit on the lap of Santa Thanos and ask for presents. Hawkeye stands out with his hilarious arrow wishlist, ranging from a "goop" arrow to an arrow for each Infinity Gem. Hulk even makes a surprise appearance sporting a fashionable scarf, but he doesn't take it too well when Thanos refuses to let him sit on his lap.

In the end the heroes see through Thanos' disguise and reveal his plan to the Inhumans, but not before the real Santa Claus undergoes a transformation thanks to dropping down a terrigen mist exhaust pipe. The results aren't pretty. You'll just have to watch the video to see for yourself.

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