Epic Games revealed that Fortnite Mobile will finally be coming to Android devices this summer, after the game was launched for all iOS devices in early April.

The long wait for users who would like to play Fortnite on Android smartphones and tablets will last until at least one more month. However, at least there is now a definite window for the Fortnite Android launch date.

'Fortnite Mobile' On Android Release Date Confirmed

After Fortnite Mobile on iOS moved out of its invite-only phase and opened downloads to all iOS users, the obvious question was asked by Android device owners. When will Fortnite be released in Android?

We finally have an answer. Epic Games announced through an official blog post that the Fortnite Mobile release date for Android devices will be sometime in the summer. The developer did not mention a specific date, but at least the launch window has been narrowed down to between June and September.

Why is it taking Epic Games extra time to launch Fortnite Mobile on Android? It could be because of issues such as the Android fragmentation problem, with a significant percentage of devices not being updated to the latest version of Android. This means that Epic Games needs to make sure that Fortnite Mobile will work on more than just Android Oreo. In addition, cheating is rampant on Android games, and it is easier to use a mouse and keyboard with the platform to gain an unfair advantage over other Android players.

New 'Fortnite Mobile' Features

In the blog post, Epic Games also discussed new features for Fortnite Mobile, starting with the customizable HUD that recently launched. The feature allows players to adjust their HUD for both Combat and Build mode.

The developer also said that it is currently working to roll out voice chat for Fortnite Mobile. The feature will allow users to chat with their teammates regardless of the platform that they are on. Epic Games added that it is looking to make it easy for players to mute themselves or other players, and to open all communications, with just a single tap. However, like with the Fortnite Mobile Android release, there is no specific date given on when the feature will be launched.

Epic Games is also working on improvements for Fortnite Mobile's gameplay and controls, game performance including a Battery-Saver mode and stability. The developer is also looking to reduce the game's installation size and to roll out stat tracking for Fortnite Mobile by the summer.

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