Fortnite's comet is one of the major areas of discussion. Users are torn as to whether or not it will hit and destroy Tilted Towers, but all that speculation may soon come to an end.

New rumors suggest that the comet will not be hitting Tilted Towers but another area of the map.

Reddit Rumors

Take these rumors with a grain of salt. It is an anonymous user on Reddit that could be making the whole thing up. Reddit user internetadam claims to have new information about the direction that Fortnite will go. According to his rumors, the comet will be hitting Dusty Depot instead of Tilted Towers.

That would put an end to speculation about what the comet was going to hit. Internetadam says that Epic thought that this area needed to be updated for a long time. In the same post, internetadam also says that the map on Fortnite will always be evolving. This would explain why the developer said it is not working on a second map for Fortnite.

They say that Epic feels that they wasted a good opportunity with Tilted Towers by making the area appear all at once. Instead, they would've preferred to have taken their time starting with cranes and bulldozers until the buildings were finally up.

Another area of the map will be affected by this update. Internetadam says that Moisty Mire will be gone by the end of season 4.

Superhero Themed

Fortnite's last season had a space theme. Now, it is rumored to be changing to a superhero theme for season 4. Internetadam says that Fortnite will have superhero and villain skins available. They added that the superheroes and villains will not be existing characters but rather inventions by Epic.

As a fitting end for the space theme, the map is set to be hit by the comet at the end on April 30. There are emergency broadcasts on the televisions, and buildings have telescopes and lawn chairs.

Epic teased season 4 with an image on Twitter that shows a character with a mask similar to that of a superhero. The tweet also says "Fight with Honor," and people that are most associated with honor are superheroes.

As of this writing, the rumors haven't been deleted off Reddit. At the end of the post, internetadam says that they have a spoiler about season 5 but can't post it yet because it is still some time away.

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