SCUF Vantage Is An Official PS4 Controller That's Reminiscent Of The Xbox Elite


Scuf Gaming reveals the Vantage controller for the PlayStation 4, the solution for gamers wanting the Xbox Elite controller experience for their Sony console.

SCUF Vantage Controller Is The Xbox Elite For PS4

The SCUF Vantage looks like a mix of the Xbox Elite and Dualshock 4 controller with its design leaning more on the former. Instead of having the Analog sticks side by side, as they do on all of Sony's PlayStation controllers, the left thumbstick has changed places with the directional buttons like on the Xbox controller.

The appearance is not where the similarities end, however. The Vantage controller is fully customizable as well. Players can adjust the thumbsticks to three heights in a convex or concave configuration, adjust hair triggers, and more. The magnetic faceplate is easily removable, revealing two vibration modules that can be taken out to disable vibration and reduce the weight.

SCUF Vantage Controller Brings A Ton Of Customization Options

With the addition of two side-mounted Sax buttons, four back paddles, and a remapping switch, players can remap and customize their controller to suit their preferences. According to Scuf, the paddle now has smoother actuation than previous iterations and they are also removable.

The audio touch bar below the PS button allows players to adjust the volume with a simple swipe, enabling them to keep their hands on the controller at all times. If players are not keen on using the typical 4-way D-pad, they can swap it out with a disc.

The configurable components paired with the ergonomic design makes sure that the PlayStation 4 controller can adapt to any playstyle and help players put their best in any challenging game.

"Over the last 18 months, we've worked tirelessly to evolve the features that have made SCUF the preferred controller of the majority of top professional gamers," said Duncan Ironmonger, the company CEO, and founder.

"We also wanted to address the needs of gamers with disabilities, which led to the inspiration for the configurable Sax buttons, conveniently located close to the bumpers, triggers, and face buttons."

The SCUF Vantage PS4 controller is now available for preorders at $169.95 for the wired-only model and $199.95 for the Bluetooth/wired model. The latter option also includes a travel case for protection, while both include interchangeable parts in the package. It differs from the Xbox Elite in terms of price as the Xbox controller is a little cheaper at $150.

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