In September, Amazon first announced that it is adding support for Alexa to its Amazon Music app for iOS and Android operating systems.

However, one still had to tap a button to wake up the virtual assistant, something that didn't quite match the hands-free, voice-control experience that Alexa is known to offer.

Amazon Music App Gets Hands-Free Alexa Control

Now, Amazon has finally heard its customers and addressed this problem by releasing hands-free Alexa voice control for both iOS and Android versions of the music-streaming app in the United States and Canada.

The tech giant announced that the Alexa voice controls will allow users to enjoy a hands-free listening experience like they would with an Amazon Echo smart speaker.

The Alexa voice controls can be used while the Amazon Music App is open and the feature will continue running in the foreground on the device. The feature works for both Prime Music, as well as Music Unlimited users. Users can choose to have it turned off if they do not like the thought of the app waiting for their voice commands.

How To Use The Feature?

Users can now use voice controls to wake up Alexa and command the virtual assistant to play or pause music, select the previous or next track, and even create playlists. They can also ask Alexa to perform more complicated tasks, such as playing music according to genre, mood, artist, activity, lyrics, or song title.

If users do not recollect the name of the song they wish to listen, they can just say whatever lyrics they know of the song in question, and Alexa might be able to identify the track.

For instance, one can order Alexa to play a song that has the lyrics, "I'm a sucker for the way that you move, babe" and she'll play Camilla Cabelo's latest single, "Never Be the Same." Users can even say things like "Alexa, play that Taylor Swift playlist I was listening to last month."

Amazon Music Vs. Other Music Streaming Apps

The hands-free listening feature will help Amazon find stronger footing against its competitors such as Apple Music, which comes with Siri voice control, and Spotify, which started testing its own voice search feature earlier this year.

Although Amazon Music is still considered by many as an underdog in the music streaming industry, especially when compared to the likes of Apple and Spotify, it may not be as far behind as people think.

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