Kansas Mom Battling Breast Cancer Delivered Healthy Baby Despite Doctor's Persistence To Have Abortion


A Kansas mom defied the odds and gave birth to a healthy baby boy after being told she should have an abortion. Stacey Johnson was diagnosed with breast cancer days after she discovered she was pregnant with her second child.

Stacey's Miracle Baby

The Leawood, Kansas, native stated that she was told to have an abortion, but she decided against this. She continued that she knew her situation was "unique." However, she wanted to weight out all her options. Johnson, who is also a nurse, received a second opinion from Dr. Lauren Nye.

Nye, who is an oncologist with the cancer center, gave Johnson better options that did not include having to get an abortion. Johnson continued that she had ultrasound every 10 days during chemotherapy to monitor the baby's growth and blood flow.

The mom of two elaborated that she went through a single mastectomy as well, and though it was tough, she was glad she decided to keep her baby. Her son William was born on May 30, 2017, and Johnson had to continue going through chemotherapy and radiation.

After Johnson completes her targeted treatment this summer, she is looking to have a breast reduction.

"My family needs me. Your perspective changes when you are faced with mortality. I have such strong support from my family and friends," Johnson stated.

Johnson also has a husband and a 3-year-old daughter.

Breast Cancer And Pregnancy

The American Cancer Society states that pregnant women can safely get treatment for breast cancer, but the types of treatment used and the timing of the treatment can affect the baby. Treatment must be given during a woman's second and third trimester, and surgery is also a safe option.

Breast cancer treatment in pregnant women will depend on the size of the tumor, how far the cancer has spread, overall health and where the tumor is located. After the baby is born, a woman can have radiation, hormone, or targeted therapy, as these types of treatments can pose a potential risk to the baby. Doctors also do not recommend breastfeeding if a woman is about to start treatments. Chemo, hormone, or targeted therapy drugs can be passed on to the baby through the mother's milk.

Doctors have stated that ending the pregnancy is best for women who have advanced breast cancer. However, there have not been any studies that show breast cancer can harm the baby.

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