A doctor who claims that he can cure a variety of diseases through sound files is now under investigation by the California Medical Board.

The audio recordings can allegedly cure diarrhea, anxiety, back pain, and even life-threatening ailments such as Ebola, SARS, cholera, and malaria.

Doctor Claims Sound Files Can Cure Diseases

Dr. William Edwin Gray III, a homeopathic doctor who practices in the Bay Area, is selling sound files called eRemedies for $5 each, or $100 for a subscription to 25 of these audio recordings.

According to Gray's website, the 13-second-long sound files may cure a total of 23 ailments. Patients do not even need to secure an appointment with the homeopathic doctor. They can simply visit mdinyourhand.com where they can answer a series of questions regarding their condition. The appropriate eRemedy will then be offered, which they can download and play.

"Thirty-six out of 37 people were cured of their malaria symptoms within three to four hours with just a few doses," said Gray in an interview. "It works really well in practice, and I'm still trying to develop investors and so on to promote it so it can be marketed and more widely used."

The California Medical Board, meanwhile, understandably does not believe Gray's claims. It has filed charges against Gray, as there is no scientific basis behind the extreme form of sound therapy. Even if they really worked, using sound to cure ailments should need proper prescriptions, and will require approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

The board is also considering suspending or revoking his medical license, a definite possibility considering that Gray has decided not to challenge the allegations because it will cost too much money.

Homeopathic Medicines Explained

Homeopathy is an old form of alternative medicine. It is based on principles such as "like cures like," which means that substances that create symptoms similar to a disease will be able to cure that disease when heavily diluted. There is also the "law of infinitesimals," which claims that dilution will increase the potency of a substance.

Gray claims that the audio recordings that he is selling carry the energetic signal of homeopathic remedies. He placed vials of the homeopathic remedies in electrified wire coils and recorded the sounds that were created, with the eRemedies resembling hissing sounds.

However, even other homeopathic doctors find Gray's eRemedies hard to believe.

"It is clear to me that what he is doing has nothing to do with homeopathy," said Robert Stewart the founder of the New York School of Homeopathy. "He's on his own in this."

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