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Doctors Interrupt, Stop Listening To Their Patients 11 Seconds Into A Conversation

Doctors on average interrupt their patients 11 seconds after the latter start to speak. Specialists are less likely to give ample time to their patients. What are the factors that contribute to this kind of encounters?

Public Health July 23, 2018

Physician 'Burnout' Has Led To Over 100,000 Deaths Due To Medical Errors, New Study Suggest

A new study has found that at least 3,574 doctors felt 'burnout', which has led to numerous medical errors. In addition to feeling burnt-out, some physicians felt depressed and have contemplated suicide.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 10, 2018

Patients Who Stick With The Same Doctor Will Less Likely Die Prematurely, New Study Suggests

A new study has found that patients who visit the same doctor will live longer. The researchers of the study examined over 1.4 million patients from various countries and discovered they had a higher chance of dying if they switched doctors.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 29, 2018

Doctor Claims He Can Cure Diseases Through Sound Files

A homeopathic doctor who practices in the Bay Area is selling eRemedies, which are sound files that he claims can cure diseases such as diarrhea, Ebola, and malaria. The doctor is now in danger of losing his medical license.

Medicine May 27, 2018

Study Finds That Doctors Who Receive Perks From Drug Companies Prescribe 9 Percent More Opioids

A May 2018 study found that doctors who received more gifts from drug companies prescribed 9 percent more opioids to patients. The gifts included payments, speaking fees, and free meals.

Public Health May 14, 2018

More Than 700 Canadian Doctors Protest Pay Raises Saying They're Getting Paid Too Much

Doctors in Quebec are protesting their own pay raises negotiated by their unions. They argue that other healthcare professionals are struggling and that the money should be used elsewhere it is needed.

Public Health March 8, 2018

You Should Really Tell Your Doctor About Your Bucket List: Here’s Why

A bucket list is an important list of goals one hopes to achieve before they leave Earth permanently. According to a new study, it’s better if your doctor knows what’s in your list.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 9, 2018

Fake Doctor Arrested After Allegedly Infecting Dozens Of People With HIV In India

A fake doctor in India infected dozens of people with HIV by using the same syringe on multiple patients. He was arrested by the authorities and is set to face several charges in court.

Public Health February 8, 2018

Fat-Shaming In Doctor's Clinic Can Be Physically Harmful

Presenters at the 125th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association shed light into the negative effects of fat-shaming in doctor's clinics. Such acts could lead to serious psychological and physical harm to a patient.

Healthy Living/Wellness August 5, 2017

Limited Interaction With Pharma Reps Could Be Leading Doctors To Prescribe More Generic Drugs

Restrictions governing pharmaceutical companies' practice of 'detailing' have translated to reduced brand-name prescriptions, according to a new study. This means keeping med reps away from doctors may lead to more generic drug prescriptions, too.

Medicine May 3, 2017

26 Doctors, Medical Professionals Charged In $40 Million Health Scam In California

More than a dozen medical professionals were charged in an alleged California health scam that got doctors getting kickbacks over unnecessary prescriptions and tests. Learn more about the suspected $40 million health scam.

Public Health April 21, 2017

Pay Gap In Medicine: Female And Minority Doctors Earn Much Less Than Their Peers

According to Medscape’s Physician Compensation Report for 2017, male primary care doctors earn more than their female counterparts. The gender pay gap in medicine is also seen in those with specializations and among ethnic groups.

Business Tech April 6, 2017

Nearly Half A Million US Doctors Could Not Be Wrong: Climate Change Harms Health

Nearly half a million U.S. doctors could not be wrong, as they warned that climate change causes more harm to public health. According to the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health, climate change is making Americans sicker.

Public Health March 16, 2017

Rookie Physicians Allowed To Work 28-Hour Shifts Under New Rules

Rookie physicians are allowed to work for as long as 28 hours under the new rules released by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. The revised rules have sparked renewed concern over the safety of physicians and patients.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 11, 2017

Trump’s Immigration Policy Affects Health Care Interests: Travel Ban Keeps Doctors Out

The new travel ban signed by President Donald Trump on March 6 might affect the nation’s health care system in ways that haven't been thoroughly considered. The regions that most stand to lose are rural areas facing an unresolved shortage of doctors.

Public Health March 9, 2017

Doctors' Frequent Opioid Prescriptions Linked To Long-Term Use In Patients: Study

A new study suggests the frequency of opioid prescriptions by doctors is linked to higher chances of long-term opioid use in patients. Researchers say much stricter guidelines on opioid prescriptions are needed.

Medicine February 16, 2017

Doctors Trained Abroad Offer Better Care Than US Medical Graduates: Study

Where your doctor graduated from might now also be a factor in the kind of care you get. According to researchers, doctors who went to medical schools abroad offer better care than those trained in the United States.

Public Health February 6, 2017

Patients Treated By Female Doctors Have Lower Mortality, Readmission Rates: Study

Elderly patients treated by female doctors are less likely to die or be readmitted, a study has found. This highlighted an interest in how female doctors treat in an effort to offer better outcomes to all patients.

Public Health December 22, 2016

Many Patients Still Receive 'Surprise' Bills After ER Visit

About 22 percent of patients who visit emergency room hospitals within their health insurance network still receive expensive medical bills, a new study revealed. Researchers propose that a new law would help in addressing the issue of surprise bills.

Public Health November 17, 2016

Electronic Health Records Contribute To Major Burnout And Stress For Doctors

Having to deal with electronic health records may be contributing to the burnout and stress that most doctors experience, new research suggests. They spend more time on clerical tasks than their peers.

Public Health June 30, 2016

Pharma-Sponsored Meals Linked To More Prescriptions From Doctors

Drug prescription behaviors can change with free meals for doctors that cost $20 or less, reports a new study. The research is another look at how gifts from drug companies affect the rate of prescriptions for branded drugs.

Medicine June 28, 2016

Doctors Not As Mindful Of Hand Hygiene When Not Watched: Study

Doctors and nurses may not be spared from the so-called 'Hawthorne Effect' and are potentially unmindful of hand hygiene when someone isn't looking. How is hand hygiene compliance in hospitals faring?

Public Health June 11, 2016

Is It Legal For Doctors To Counsel Patients On Gun Safety?

A new report suggests that doctors should counsel or ask patients regarding gun safety and other firearm-related issues. This is part of efforts to prevent gun-related violence in the United States.

Public Health May 17, 2016

New CMS Primary Care Model To Give More Flexibility To Doctors

The CMS launched a new payment scheme to give doctors more flexibility and patients, better care. The Comprehensive Primary Care Plus aims to achieve improved health care delivery by paying doctors based on the value of their services.

Life April 17, 2016

Doctors Find It Difficult To Advise Patients About End-Of-Life Care

Doctors are unsure about discussing end-of-life care to their patients, a new poll has found. Doctors are unsure of what to say, with some admitting that having these discussions were not part of their formal training.

Life April 16, 2016

NHS Recruits Doctors From India To Plug Staffing Crisis

Doctors in India were offered a tempting job opportunity. The United Kingdom is in need of more general practitioners to address the country's staffing crisis.

Life April 9, 2016

HealthTap Digital Healthcare Network Now 100,000 Doctors Strong

With 100,000 doctors in its network, HealthTap is stronger than ever before. Leading the virtual care movement, it aims to make healthcare personal again by tapping into conveniences and improvements offered by technology.

Life March 30, 2016

Pharma Money Dictates What Brand-Name Drugs Doctors Prescribe

A new analysis by an investigative journalism group revealed that doctors who take money from drug companies give out more brand-name prescriptions to patients than those who don't. The report provides evidence of the link between prescribed drugs and the incentives doctors get from pharmaceuticals.

Life March 18, 2016

Difficult Patients At Greater Risk For Misdiagnosis

'Difficult' patient behavior increases the risk of doctors making a wrong diagnosis, according to two new studies. The quality of health care is inevitably affected when problematic attitudes distract doctors from the task at hand.

Life March 15, 2016

iPads Help Doctors Discuss Surgery With Patients

Doctors found that patients prefer using iPads in learning about upcoming procedures than direct consultation. This offers an opportunity for patients to understand procedures before going through them.

Life March 15, 2016

NHS To Offer Doctors, Nurses Dance And Fitness Classes To Boost Health

The National Health Service will provide a £600 million fund to hospitals so staff can take fitness classes to boost their well-being. The initiative is part of the agency's measures against obesity.

Life March 7, 2016

New Vaccination Schedule Recommends HPV Vaccine For 9- And 10-Year-Olds With History Of Sexual Abuse

New CDC vaccination schedules now recommend the HPV vaccine for children ages 9 and 10 if they have a history of sexual abuse. Experts highlighted the need to protect the child victims from a higher HPV infection risk.

Life February 2, 2016

India Is Europe's Largest Exporter Of Doctors And Nurses

Europe relies on foreign health workers, a new report said. India is Europe's largest exporter of doctors and nurses.

Life January 1, 2016

Doctors May Help Cure Poverty For Patients And Their Families

Canadian doctors sought to tackle poverty as a health issue due to mounting evidence linking poverty with increased rates of chronic disease. The Poverty Tool offers a three-step approach to assist health care providers in tackling poverty.

Life December 16, 2015

Depression Affects 29 Percent Of New Doctors: Study

Resident physicians are faced with highly-challenging demands every day. In a study, depression was found to be prevalent among new doctors, with 29 percent of the population exhibiting depressive symptoms.

Life December 9, 2015

Exam Room Computer Detrimental To Doctor-Patient Relationship

Examination room computers may hinder doctor-patient relationships. A study found that doctors who spend more time using the computer during a consultation are less likely to be rated excellent in terms of patient care.

Life December 4, 2015

Surgeon Performance Unaffected By Night Shifts Says Study

A new study found that the outcomes of daytime operations are not affected whether the performing surgeon worked the night before or not. Deaths, readmissions and complications between the two groups of patients did not exhibit any significant differences.

Life August 27, 2015

Still Too Few Women, Minorities In Specialized Medical Fields, Study Finds

Lack of diversity in medical specialties may be causing inequalities in U.S. health care, researchers suggest. Women and minorities remain underrepresented in many fields, they find.

Life August 25, 2015

Majority Of Doctors Work Even When Sick Says Study

Many healthcare workers, doctors in particular, still go to work even when they are sick regardless that their condition poses threat to their patients.

Life July 7, 2015

Patients Asking For Medical Marijuana In Minnesota Have To Go Through Hesitant Doctors

Medical marijuana will be available in Minnesota in July but patients opting for the alternative treatment face hurdles when seeking certification from their doctors.

Life June 1, 2015

China To Fix Health Care System By Doubling Number Of GPs

China pledges to overcome its critical shortage of doctors and improve health care in both cities and rural areas. The government has set a target date of 2020 to implement measures.

Life March 31, 2015

Watch This: Awesome Pediatrician Keeps Baby Laughing During Injection

Why can't all doctors be this good? This pediatrician makes getting an injection as fun as going to the playground. And you're going to love the kid's reaction.

Internet Culture March 7, 2015

New Study Shows Many Parents Ask Doctors To Delay Vaccination Schedules For Their Children

For various reasons, parents are requesting to spread vaccination schedules, and doctors are conceding, says a study, putting children at high risk of getting sick from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Life March 2, 2015

Need To See A Doctor? Here Are The Best Apps For On-Demand Health Care

Reduce your wait time and get all your questions answered by using the best health apps for when you are in need of a doctor.

Feature January 28, 2015

Most Consumers Have Little Access to Information About their Doctors

Information is crucial to making the right choice, more so when it's your health at stake. Unfortunately, when it comes to doctors, states don't offer much, according to a report.

Life December 18, 2014

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