Will the Pixel 3 have a notch? That is probably one of the biggest question that Pixel fans are asking for the next version of the Google-made Android smartphone.

After a recent report that the Android P beta may have confirmed the Google Pixel 3 notch, new leaked images are now pointing toward the opposite.

Android P Leaks Pixel 3 With No Notch

SlashLeaks spotted two leaked illustrations of Android P that reveal refined gesture controls. The first image is accessible on the Android P beta by heading into Settings, then Sounds, and finally Shortcut to Prevent Ringing. Apparently, users on Android P smartphones will be able to stop ringing by pressing the Power button and Volume Up button together.

The second image, meanwhile, shows that users will be able to swipe up on the Home button to switch apps, with a second upward swipe to bring up all the apps. This function replaces the Overview button that was once on the bottom right of the display.

What do these two images have to do with the Pixel 3 notch? If you look at the smartphones on the images, they feature an all-screen design, with no bezels and no notch. It is not clear if the images are supposed to depict the Pixel 3, but given that the smartphone will serve as the poster child for Android P, it is a definite possibility.

Pixel 3: Notch Or No Notch?

In a previous report that focused on Google Pixel 3 leaks, the Android P beta allegedly confirmed that the upcoming smartphone will have a notch.

Android P only shows four notification icons at the top of the screen. The other notifications are represented by dots, and they can only be accessed by launching the notification shade. In comparison, Android Oreo showed up to seven notifications.

The way notifications are shown, with four notifications on the left side and the status icons on the right side, leave space in the middle where a notch would be. The space, however, does not match any known Android phone with a notch, so the speculation is that Google is testing the Pixel 3 notch with Android P.

The new Android P leaks, however, are now hinting that there will be no Pixel 3 notch. However, with such a design, where will Google place the front-facing camera?

As with the supposed clues that there will be a Pixel 3 notch, users should remain skeptical about the clues that there will be no Pixel 3 notch. We will only know for sure once Google makes an official announcement.

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