Best Buy entices consumers to grab the Verizon Google Pixel XL 2 64GB or 128GB with a substantial $500 discount, although, it comes with a few conditions.

The offer appears to be an excellent one for buyers who are on the market for a new flagship smartphone with remarkable specs and features. Moreover, this might only appeal to those who are on the Android bandwagon.

The new deal comes as a surprise based on the opinion of industry analysts as the device has been available a little over half a year. Therefore, it makes the offer kind of attractive for people who want a pure Android experience.

A Small Tradeoff

Given the large discount, it might seem like a good opportunity for buyers to grab the mobile phone at a discounted price. Yet, to ensure that users stick with the network, the discount is divided into several parts that encourage its usage with the wireless provider.

Moreover, the deal is only limited to the larger model of the smartphone, which can be a downside for people who want the smaller version instead. For consumers to really take advantage of its perks, the user must be interested switching to another network or is an existing subscriber of the network carrier.

Getting The Discount

Best Buy has provided the details on the process for those who are interested in taking advantage of the $500 discount. First, the customer must understand that more than half of the amount is associated with Verizon's Device Payment Plan.

The user must purchase the Google Pixel XL 2 64 GB or 128 GB online or in-store, which automatically assigns a $200 discount outright. What follows is Verizon's side of the deal wherein the buyer processes the rest of the deal and reportedly receives a 24-month series of bill credits.

To illustrate the monthly payments, a 64 GB unit will come down to $14.75 per month versus the original $35.41. Meanwhile, the 128 GB variant drops down to $18.75 a month from its original monthly charge of $39.58.

Difficult To Pass Off

Most sources agree that it would be difficult to currently find a better deal for the Google Pixel 2 XL other than this offer. Best Buy, along with Verizon's payment plan, will surely attract buyers who want a modern flagship model armed with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835, which is just a generation ahead of its latest 845 model.

Once everything has been completed and all price adjustments have been applied, calculations reveal that buyers can grab the 64 GB model for $350 and the 128 GB for $450. This seems like a steal for a premium-grade flagship from Google.

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