UFO Crash In China Explained: It Really Did Come From Space


A UFO found in a forest in the Fujian province of China prompted an immediate investigation, determining that the object really did come from space.

The UFO, however, did not have aliens crawling out of it nor did it come from a planet a million light-years away. The investigation on the once-mysterious object revealed its true origin, disappointing alien hunters.

UFO In China Identified

There have been several strange UFO sightings since the year started, so there was immense hype upon the release of reports that a crashed UFO was found in a forest in China.

The large metallic object was found by a pair of power plant employees while on their way to work. The workers initially thought that it was a fragment of a wrecked UFO and contacted the police to investigate it.

The investigation of the alleged UFO confirmed that it did indeed come from space, but its origin was from Earth. The object was determined to belong to the Long March 4C rocket, which recently launched the satellite named Queqiao or Magpie Bridge. The satellite will be the first one to operate from the dark side of the moon.

The launch of the Long March 4C rocket and the Magpie Bridge satellite went fine, but apparently, officials of China's space agency lost track of where the rocket's nosecone will land.

The rocket's nosecone is what the two workers discovered in the Fujian forest. The location where the spacecraft component crashed is mostly woodland, but it is near some populated villages. The locals were actually recruited to help carry the once-alleged UFO for safekeeping, and then the authorities retrieved the nosecone and transported it to the launch center.

Recent UFO Sightings

The UFO spotted in China, even though it was not real, continues the trend of UFO sightings in 2018.

The first alien sighting of 2018 was in Mexico, where a vertical UFO was spotted hovering in the air. This was followed by an alleged UFO crash in Antarctica.

Pilots also reported a UFO with a reflection in the border of Arizona and New Mexico, and the most recent UFO sighting was during a lightning storm in the Czech Republic, when a triangular UFO was spotted.

Perhaps the most intriguing report on a UFO sighting so far this year, however, was the newly declassified video that showed U.S. Navy pilots in a run-in with a white UFO over the Atlantic Ocean in 2015. The UFO, which moved very fast, made one of the pilots scream in horror.

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