On-ear and over-ear gaming headsets tend to heat up after hours of usage. However, the HP Mindframe solves this issue with its active cooling feature.

Catering To Gamer's Needs

The new product made its debut alongside other gaming-related accessories at the 2018 HP Gaming Festival in Beijing, China. Everything is reportedly part of the company's Omen gaming lineup.

The manufacturer knows that audio is an important part of video games in order for players to recognize audio cues to gain an advantage over their opponents.

The thing is, speakers might be an alternative, but most users prefer to keep their audio private via their headphones. Depending on the consumer feedback about the integrated active cooling system, consumers might have more options in the future.

Unique Application Of Existing Technology

The technology behind the HP Mindframe is not exactly new, but it is the first to be adapted for headphones. Existing products that use thermoelectric cooling are small beverage coolers and wine refrigerators, while some PCs use it with specially-designed components to improve heat dissipation.

According to the manufacturer, its research shows that around 46 percent of gamers complain about the heat generated by regular gaming headsets. Therefore, it knows that there is a viable market for headphones that can provide active cooling. Additionally, the company confirms that it holds the patent for the technology, which keeps it exclusive to the brand.

Other than its active cooling features, the Mindframe boasts features such as RGB LED lighting, headset-mounted volume controls, flip-to-mute microphone, as well as DTS:X surround sound and 7.1 surround sound.

To toggle the headset's cooling options, users must access the Omen Command Center software.

Other Gaming Products

The 2018 HP Gaming Festival intends to establish the brand as a viable PC gaming choice for customers. Its refreshed Omen gaming laptop now supports 4K gaming at 60Hz with an option to set the refresh rate of 1080p graphics up to 144Hz.

Consumers can choose to equip the notebook with an NVIDIA GTX 1070 with Max-Q together with an eighth-generation Intel Core i7-8750H and 32 GB of RAM.

Another accessory is the Sequencer gaming keyboard, which comes with optical mechanical switches for unparalleled response rates. HP claims it is 10 times faster than a regular mechanical switch.

It features a lightweight anodized aluminum frame, a dedicated metal volume roller bar, five programmable macro keys, and RGB LED lighting.

Coming in last is the Reactor gaming mouse that sports optical mechanical sensors under its buttons. A quick DPI toggle button, seven dedicated buttons, an adjustable palm rest, and a 16,000 DPI optical sensor are some of its notable features.

Availability And Pricing

HP confirms that the Omen 15 gaming laptop will be available on July 29, with prices starting at $979. The Sequencer gaming keyboard will cost $179 and the Reactor gaming mouse will retail for $79. The latter two are also slated to come out sometime in July.

The manufacturer, however, has yet to confirm the release date and price for the Mindframe headset with active cooling.

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