Motorola is releasing another Android One phone, this time called the Motorola One Power. This perhaps marks a new phone lineup.

Motorola One Power May Be A New Lineup

An image has been leaked providing the first look at the Lenovo-owned company's newest smartphone. The Motorola One Power follows the X4 Android One as suggested by the logo at the back, and it is arriving as a "motorola"-branded phone rather than a "moto" phone.

This is the first after a long time of using the "moto" brand after Lenovo acquired the smartphone maker. This year, Motorola already put the "motorola" brand on the G6 and E5 devices, but the official names still had the "moto" moniker. Now, it seems that it will be dropped as well.

The smartphone also strays away from the Z, G, and E lineups. It curiously does not bear the X label as well, which suggests that there is going to be a new lineup and Motorola is indeed discontinuing the X line again.

The new line could be called the Motorola One, as the Power at the end hints that it is one of the other variants. If that's the case, the smartphone could have a long battery life or high specs.

Motorola One Power Design And Specs

It is clear that the company has made some new design choices with the Motorola One Power. The back no longer features the circular camera set-up as the dual cameras have been moved to the top-left in a vertical arrangement. The M batwing logo in the middle seems to be a fingerprint sensor.

The front sports a nearly bezel-less display with a notch at the top similar to the iPhone X. The chin still has the "motorola" branding, though, which takes away a part of the screen real estate.

The leaked image also shows the bottom part sporting the USB-C port and two speaker ports. No headphone jack has been spotted.

Specific details and the hardware are still unknown as this is still the first appearance of the Motorola One Power. Industry observers are also being kept in the dark about its availability. Speculations suggest that it might be revealed in the same event where the Moto Z3 Play could make its debut, which is as soon as June 6.

All that is known for now is that the Motorola One Power is coming to the United States, so other rumors should be taken with a grain of salt.

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