Next iPhone X, 'iPhone X Plus', And New 6.1-inch iPhone Model To Sport OLED Display: Report


There are reports claiming that Apple will go with OLED screens for all three of its new iPhone models scheduled for release next year.

2019 iPhone Models To Feature OLED Screens

Apple has three new iPhone models planned for release in 2019, and a report published in South Korea's Electronic Times stated that Apple is making the switch from LCD to OLED displays in all three variants.

"Apple has decided to put all the OLED on the new iPhone model in 2019," the report stated, citing an unnamed source. "However, if there are more than three new models, an LCD model may be maintained."

This is in line with previous rumors claiming that the tech giant will complete its transition to OLED next year, with all new models featuring the technology. OLED panels not only display more vibrant colors but also make the images appear brighter and sharper as compared to LCD displays.

Currently, only the iPhone X features an OLED screen, while the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus stuck to the LCD type. This year, Apple is expected to release an iPhone X model and a bigger iPhone X Plus variant with OLED displays and a low-cost 6.1-inch iPhone option with an LCD display.

Japan Display Stock Tanks 21 Percent

On Tuesday, May 29 shares of Japan Display fell more than 21 percent at one point in the wake of the news. Apple opting for OLED screens is bad news for the Japenese company, which is one of the main suppliers of LCD screens to Apple.

The company plans to start manufacturing OLED panels in 2019 and is looking to raise capital for the same. However, it will face tough competition from the likes of Samsung and LG.

Currently, Apple procures its OLED panels for the iPhone X exclusively from Samsung, but the news did not seem to have much of an impact on the company's stock price: the shares were down 1.7 percent by mid-morning in Seoul.

Since Apple does not generally like to rely on one supplier for its parts, there are reports claiming that it will turn to LG as an alternative option to source the OLED panels. Shares of LG Display were up by 5 percent on Tuesday as a result.

However, LG has been experiencing production problems that has caused the company to fall behind schedule, and that could force Apple to rely solely on its South Korean rival.

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