People Who Have A Keen Sense Of Smell Will Enjoy Sex More, New Study Suggests


If a person is looking for another way to spice up their love life with their partner, a new study may have the answer. People who have a better sense of smell may enjoy having sex more.

Smell The Love

Smell can play a vital role when it comes to seduction. A new study was conducted and published in the journal of Archives of Sexual Behavior stated that people who had a keener sense of smell will find sex more enjoyable.

The team of researchers from the Technical University of Dresden in Germany studied the smelling abilities of 42 women and 28 men between the ages of 18 and 36. The team was led by Johanna Bendas. 

The team did this by using "Sniffin' sticks". The participants were then asked about their sexual desires, their sexual experience, how often they had orgasms, how pleasant they found sexual activities,and the frequency and duration of their sexual encounters.

People who had an overall better sense of smell reported that their sexual activities were pleasant and women with more sensitive noses were significantly more likely to orgasm during sex. The team did note that there was no correlation between how sensitive the participant's olfactory was and their sexual desire or performance.

"Our data suggest a positive influence of olfactory sensitivity on the sex life of young and healthy participants. The perception of body odors such as vaginal fluids, sperm and sweat seems to enrich the sexual experience," the researchers noted

The Limitations

The researchers did stress that there were certain limitations in regard to the study. There are certain unknown factors that the researchers didn't take note of, such as for the female participant's, what stage of their menstrual cycle they were in. The researchers stated that the menstrual cycle has been known to affect a woman's sexual arousal and sense of smell.

A previous study showed that women were attracted to men with certain body odors. The men who consumed fruits and vegetables were more appealing to women than those who ate mainly refined carbohydrates. It has also been suggested that men with a "poor sense of smell" had fewer sexual partners. 

The researchers stated that further study on this subject is needed as well as the influence of specific odors. The team noted that the direct measurement of sexual arousal will help give more insight that the olfactory sensitivity can improve a person's sexual experience. 

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