Teen Diagnosed With Deadly Infection From Working Out 'Too Much'


A seventeen-year boy was hospitalized for developing a very severe illness. The teenager contracted it in the most peculiar way — by lifting weights.

Exercising Is Deadly?

Jared Shamburger, from Houston, Texas, claimed that he told his mother he began to feel "super duper sore" after lifting weights for 90 minutes. The pain that Shamburger was feeling did not go away, which prompted his mother to take him to the emergency room.

The 17-year-old was hospitalized for five days. His mother, Judy, researched her son's symptoms and informed doctors that he might be suffering from rhabdomyolysis. Rhabdomyolysis, which can occur from working out too much, is an extreme illness that can lead to death. The severe condition causes a breakdown of muscle tissue that releases damaging protein into the blood that could harm the kidneys. 

"If he hadn't caught it if he hadn't told me, if we had just gone out of town about our way. I can't even imagine. And I don't want to, about what could have happened," Judy stated. Shamburger began weightlifting after receiving a gym membership in the mail on his birthday. Shamburger claimed that he felt he had to "go hard" in order to catch up to his father and brother. 

Shamburger stated that his father and brother lifted weights for years. The teen is expected to make a full recovery and will be back in the gym when he is feeling better. Shamburger and his family suggest to those suffering from similar symptoms to seek medical help immediately. 

Harmful Effects From Consistently Working Out

While exercising can have many positive physical and mental benefits, exercising too much can also be harmful. Overexerting yourself in the gym can lead to many side effects that are not healthy, such as mood changes, depression, anxiety, and irritability. Other potential harmful side effects include fatigue, weakened immune system, elevated heart rate and diminished appetite.

Some health experts and trainers suggest that a good way to recover from an intense workout is a day or two of rest.  It is also suggested that a person get at least eight hours of sleep if they engaged in any exercise.
It is also important to indulge in good food after working out. Some foods that are best to eat post workout are lean meats such as chicken and fish, and plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.  

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