Wonder Woman 2 Reportedly Set In 1984: Things You Need To Know About The Sequel


The next Wonder Woman adventure could take place in 1984. The film's executive producer Geoff Johns, DC Entertainment president and chief creative officer, just teased the '80s setting on social media.

It reads "WW84," which could mean Wonder Woman '84. The first film, which premiered in 2017, took place during the first World War in 1917. Patty Jenkins, who will be sitting on the directorial chair again, changed the background of her Twitter account to feature the logo.

Wonder Woman 2

Gal Gadot is reprising her role as Diana of Themyscira, and the new film will reportedly be set against the backdrop of the Cold War. Earlier this year at Cinemacon, Jenkins confirmed the movie will be set in the '80s. Rumors about the film's setting surfaced last year, claiming it will take place during the tail end of the Cold War and see Diana battling against the Soviets.

Some fans have embraced the film's '80s setting. Just look at this fan-made shared on Twitter:

If Warner Bros. doesn't use that poster, then it's making a very big mistake. All kidding aside, it will be interesting to see how pop culture meshes into the film's narrative. The '80s, after all, was one of the most interesting eras in music, film, art, and culture. Then again this film is about a war, so none of that would probably make it into the final film.

Wonder Woman 2 will introduce the villain Cheetah, to be played by Saturday Night Live and The Skeleton Twins star Kristen Wiig. Pedro Pascal, last seen playing Javier Peña on Netflix's Narcos, is also among the newcomers joining the Wonder Woman franchise. The screenplay was written by Jenkins, Geoff Johns, and Dave Callaham.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was a massive hit for DC and Warner Bros. last year, breaking numerous records and making headlines. After earning $821 million worldwide, it became the highest-grossing film of all time from a female filmmaker who acted as the sole director. Critics hailed it as the best DC film since The Dark Knight.

Chris Pine played Diana's love interest Steve Trevor, Connie Nielsen played Diana's mother Hippolyta, and Robin Wright played as the warrior Antiope, who trained Diana as a child.

Wonder Woman 2 will hit theaters on Nov. 1, 2019. It was originally scheduled to premiere on Dec. 13, 2019, but the bigwigs decided to move it up to avoid competing with Star Wars: Episode IX.

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