This Is What Kanye West's 'Yeezus' Would Sound Like If It Was A Christmas Album


Though many think the title of Kanye West's sixth solo album, Yeezus, had the rapper comparing himself to Jesus, the album didn't really have anything to do with the biblical figure. However, if Yeezy did ever want to dedicate an album to Jesus, or rather, Jesus' birthday, it might sound a little something like this.

There is now a Christmas version of Yeezus, and it is glorious. Has West finally decided to get into the holiday music game? Is this a Christmas miracle?

Well, not quite. The album titled Kreezus (or Kris Kreezus - Tiz the Reazus for the Seazus) is a track-by-track Christmas recreation of West's latest album, courtesy of the comedy trio Local Business Comedy. The album uses all of the backing music you've listened to a thousand times on Yeezus, but it replaces all of West's vocals with those of comedians Joseph Clift, Nick Gligor and Stephen Perlstein. West's biting political and social commentary is replaced with Christmas-themed lyrics that transform the tracks into something merry and bright. Well, sort of.

"Black Skinhead" becomes "Red Hat Head." "New Slaves" becomes "New Sleighs." "Bound 2" becomes "Wrapped 2." Get the picture? You're definitely going to want to make room in your holiday playlist for this truly clever parody that will give your Christmas gathering this year quite the edge.

While it's true that West has never released a full-fledged holiday album, in case you do want to experience some Christmas cheer from the man himself, he has actually released a Christmas song. "Christmas in Harlem" is a smooth, upbeat ode to Christmas in the New York City neighborhood, and in addition to West, it features appearances by Cam'ron, Big Sean and Pusha T.

Now that Kreezus has been released, I can't wait to see a parody version of West's "Bound 2" music video with Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus standing in for West and wife Kim Kardashian. On second thought, I'd rather not see that.

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