Quentin Tarantino has added more big names to his star-studded film that will focus on the grisly murders committed by the Manson family. Dakota Fanning, Luke Perry, Damian Lewis, and Emile Hirsch are confirmed to star in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

The Manson Murders Come To Hollywood

Lewis will portray actor Steve McQueen, who was friends with Manson's victims, actress Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring. Fanning will be taking on the role of Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, a member of the Manson family but was not involved in any of the murders. Fromme was also known for her attempt at assassinating former President Gerald Ford.

Hirsch will portray the late Jay Sebring, the Hollywood stylist that was murdered at Tate's home. Also starring in the film will be Nicholas Hammond who will play director Sam Wanamaker.

The film will follow two men, washed-up Western star Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) who are struggling to find their way in Hollywood. Rick also happens to be the next-door neighbor of Tate (Margot Robbie) and the film will take place when Tate's murder occurs. 

The film will premiere in theaters on Aug. 9, 2019, which is the 40th anniversary of Tate's murder.

Charles Manson's Legacy

On Aug. 9, 1969, Tate, Sebring, and two others were murdered by Manson's followers at her home on Cielo Drive, Beverly Hills California. Tate was two weeks away from giving birth to her son at the time of her death. She and her son were buried together.

Tate, who was married to director Roman Polanski, was afraid to be alone at her home as Polanski was out of town at the time. To this day, no one knows why Manson targetted her. When speaking of taking the role of Tate, Robbie said that she feels a "responsibility" to portray Tate the right way.

"I feel a responsibility with every character I play, whether they're fictional or real life. To play her right, play her truthfully, and kind of understand her emotional journey," Tate stated.  

Charles Manson, who died in prison on Nov. 17, 2017, has continued to be a pop culture fascination, with various books, films, and songs that are based upon his crimes.

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