The E3 2018 trailer of Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch teases a new approach for how users can play with multiple game systems.

A Treat For Its Fans

The Japanese gaming company knows that its latest console is a huge hit with gamers. By strategically spreading multiple AAA titles since its launch last year, its momentum is steadily growing stronger. Earlier this year, the developers teased fans it would introduce new ways to interact with the device, which eventually led to the release of Labo.

However, a couple of months ago, sources allegedly spotted a new patent application published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It illustrates a new approach for multiplayer games wherein the technology allows two devices to synchronize on-screen elements based on its position relative to one another. Some sources recall a similar feature on the Wii U and Nintendo Land.

It looks like the patented technology finally makes its way to reality as depicted by the upcoming game's trailer.

A New Party Experience On The Way

It seems like the new Super Mario Party game for the Nintendo Switch will be the first software to take advantage of the technology. During its E3 2018 presentation, the company shared the trailer that previews some of the mini-games included with the title. One of the segments shows four friends rearrange two consoles in different configurations.

The video demonstrates that once players agree on a particular arrangement, they can pair the game systems by dragging a finger across the two screens. This apparently locks the playing field and starts the match. Players can then move their characters across the two screens seamlessly.

Another example that showcases another approach with the linked screens is a baseball mini-game. One screen shows and controls the pitcher, while the other does the same for the batter.

Maximizing What The Console Can Offer

To recall, most gamers are already aware of the different titles and how each one takes advantage of the Nintendo Switch's variable control schemes. The combination of sensors used by the Joy-Con controllers allows developers to come up with novel ways to interact with a game.

Super Mario Party seeks to do just that with interesting gimmicks made for each mini-game. Small snippets of the different challenges show that motion controls will play a big part for almost everything. It remains to be seen what other future titles will take advantage of its patented technology. The game is scheduled to launch on Oct. 8 as advertised by the E3 2018 trailer.

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