Fastest 4G LTE Speeds In US: Verizon And T-Mobile On Top, AT&T And Sprint Keep Lagging


When it comes to 4G LTE speeds in the United States, Verizon is on top, followed by T-Mobile. AT&T and Sprint, meanwhile, rank third and fourth respectively.

In today's day and age, with a slew of devices that keep everyone connected anywhere, anytime, internet speeds are of utmost importance and oftentimes, they play a big role in choosing one carrier over another.

Best LTE Speeds In The US

A new study comparing carriers' wireless data speeds across the United States reveals that Verizon ranks on top in five of the six regions taken into account.

The latest results come from PC Magazine's annual study assessing LTE performance in the United States, now at its eighth edition. PC Magazine relies on an Ookla mobile app to test LTE speeds every 90 seconds on 12 different devices, as they travel across the West Coast, East Coast, and center, trying to find the best LTE speeds in the country.

Verizon Is The 4G Leader

"In our last Fastest Mobile Networks survey of the 4G era, Verizon once again cements its position as the 4G leader," says PC Magazine. The nation's largest carrier also runs the nation's fastest LTE data network, with the fastest download speeds and lowest latency.

T-Mobile ranks second overall while offering the best 4G LTE speeds in the Southeast region. AT&T keeps its position as the third carrier in terms of LTE speeds, while Sprint ranks a distant fourth again, as it usually does.

All of the four major carriers in the United States offer reliable services overall. The average download speeds sit between 40 and 50 Mbps, while peak data speeds can exceed 300 Mbps.

Improvements On All 4 Major US Carriers

The final scores take into account various factors, including average download speeds, reliability, average upload speeds, and more. Comparing the new results with those from last year, PC Magazine highlights that all four major U.S. carriers now offer faster and more reliable LTE connections.

The latest results fall in line with another study conducted a few months ago, where Open Signal found that Verizon and T-Mobile led the charge in all regions across the United States.

Considering that both Open Signal and PC Magazine conducted their studies months apart, using crowdsourced resources, and both ranked Verizon and T-Mobile on top, it seems pretty clear. If they want to keep up, AT&T and Sprint would have to improve their LTE performance nationwide and offer better speeds.

Are you satisfied with your 4G LTE speeds? Which is your carrier of choice? Let us know in the comments section below.

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