Every wireless carrier claims to be the best, the fastest, and the most reliable. Smartphone owners whose contract is almost up are probably feeling ready to make the switch to another provider, even wondering: Which wireless plan is right for me?

Switching Wireless Carriers? Tips On How To Pick The Best Wireless Carrier

Switching wireless carriers and spending time to find the next cell phone plan can be a stressful task, as everyone has different needs. To help save time, we've created some tips on how to pick the right wireless plan from checking coverage, data, features, and prices for unlimited plans from the big four carriers such as AT&TSprintT-Mobile, and Verizon.

Check To See If Coverage Is Reliable In Current Neighborhood

Before signing up for a new provider it's important to check if each wireless provider has fast and reliable coverage in the current neighborhood. Each wireless provider features coverage maps on their official website so users can ensure the best high-quality service.

Travel overseas frequently? It's also a good idea to see if those areas are covered as well.

Individual Plans From The Big Four Wireless Carriers - AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, And Verizon

AT&T is a great choice for heavy text message users and for those who enjoy hit series on HBO such as the Game of Thrones. The wireless carrier is giving away free "HBO for life" with every unlimited data plan. AT&T's unlimited plan comes with unlimited data, talk, and text, starting at $60 a month.

Sprint's single line cell phone plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and unlimited data, for $60 per month. Sprint's plan also offers high-definition (HD) video streaming and 10GB of LTE mobile-hotspot data per month for new customers.

With T-Mobile ONE, users get unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data on their smartphone, starting at $70 per month. While T-Mobile may cost $10 more than AT&T, the wireless carrier offers enticing benefits, including in-flight texting, 1 hour of data on all Gogo-enabled flights, and unlimited talk and text in Mexico and Canada. T-Mobile is offering a free Netflix subscription, but users need to have two or more lines.

Verizon offers two different unlimited packages: the Go Unlimited and the UnlimitedBeyond. For a single line, the Go Unlimited costs $80 per month. While the UnlimitedBeyond costs $90 per month, for a single line. Users can save $5/mo, but they have to enroll in Auto Pay. Go Unlimited is a good option for those who are constantly browsing the internet, streaming videos, or rarely need to visit Canada or Mexico. Beyond Unlimited allows customers to stream HD videos, play online games, stream music, and call Canada and Mexico.

Ask Friends And Family About The Wireless Carrier They Use 

All four of the major wireless carriers claim to have strong networks, but what's really important is that the network is fast and reliable. Users who have been unhappy with their current provider may want to ask friends or family members about the carrier they use. This way users can find out about a network's coverage, data speeds, and average monthly costs. But, in the end, it's ultimately based on personal preferences.

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