Photos Of Rejected Foldable Samsung Smartphone 'Project V' Leak Online


Before Samsung releases its highly anticipated new phone with a foldable display, images of a previous version leaked on social media.

What Does The Leaked Phone Look Like?

On June 16, Twitter user @MMDDJ_ released leaked images reportedly showing an earlier version of Samsung's attempt at a foldable mobile device. This early version shows a phone with two separate displays in one device. The phone includes a clamshell display for the two separate screens. When a user flips open the phone, both screens appear simultaneously.

As the image went viral, some users said that the device looks like a pair of Galaxy Note 5 handsets. Other people said that it looks like a squared-off version of the Galaxy S6.

There are also some noticeable features on this device. It sports a large SIM tray at the top and the old Play Store Icon is located on the screen.

What Was Project V?

This phone was what Samsung called Project Valley or rather Project V for short. It was developed between 2015 to 2016. Although Samsung created this phone, it later scrapped the idea and it was never released. Based on the model number of the phone, which is SM-G929F, this phone would have belonged to the same class as the Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S7.

Samsung took an incredible gamble just to the design this unique phone. At the time, Samsung's business was hitting a wall. With lackluster sales and mediocre gadgets in the market, Samsung experimented to develop this device. It eventually discarded the concept and moved back into safer and successful products. The technology to enhance this device would have also been difficult to sustain.

As of June 18, Samsung has not confirmed if the leaked photos were part of Project V.

Samsung's Real Foldable Phone

Samsung is currently developing a foldable smartphone in its Galaxy lineup. It will reportedly launch in 2019.

The rumored device, called the Galaxy X, will reportedly sport an OLED screen. The phone shrinks to 4.5 inches when it folds. Samsung has given the phone a code name of 'Winner.' It will reportedly be introduced to the public at next year's CES.

It is rumored that the proposed price tag for the Galaxy X will be around $1,800. This has raised some eyebrows because it is nearly twice as much as the iPhone X.

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