A new set of leaks appears to already suggest that Samsung is busy with the Galaxy S10 and the supposedly foldable Galaxy X flagship smartphones.

Surprisingly Early

Most industry analysts are most likely expecting announcements of the Galaxy Note 9, however, hearing about future handset models is a welcome surprise. Reports that discussed the details about the S10 likewise revealed its key specifications as well as its intended release date.

For a while now, rumors have it that the South Korean consumer electronics company has plans to release a smartphone during CES.

A couple of years already passed but the company has never released any mobile phone during the Consumer Electronics Show. This might change next year as reports suggest that the S10 might get a 2019 CES release date.

X for An Extra Impact

What followed after the recent leaks about the Galaxy S10 is another big surprise for consumers. It looks like the CES 2019 release date for the former model is intentional for a specific reason. The Bell, a South Korean financial publication, claims that Samsung scheduled a different model to make its debut during the 2019 MWC.

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ took center stage during this year's Mobile World Congress event held in Barcelona, Spain. Yet, what followed months after apparently did not please the company as financial reports revealed poor sales for the latest flagship. It looks like it wants to switch things around with the Galaxy X, which is rumored to be its first smartphone with a foldable display.

If leaks are to be believed, experts say that it is a smart approach for the manufacturer to inject something new. The mobile phone market is currently saturated by products with notches, reduced bezels, and other supposedly unique gimmicks.

Analysts Weigh In On The Rumors

Other information included in the leaks suggests that Galaxy X is given the codename Winner, which could mean that it is on its way to production. Back in 2015, another set of rumors about a foldable handset revealed its codename as Valley.

Industry researchers likewise pointed out that unlike the S and Note series, which are already familiar to consumers, the foldable model might see a limited release first to measure the market's reaction and interest. Insiders claim that the firm's manufacturing arm will start to source components as early as November.

Leaked Design And Specifications

Earlier this year, speculations indicated that Samsung held a private demo for its partners to showcase a prototype of the Galaxy X. The recent leak seems to support the speculation with some details about the foldable smartphone.

While information about its hardware is still very limited, it confirmed a device that comes with three 3.5-inch OLED displays. Two of those touch screens reportedly fold inward while the third one acts as an external display when the device is folded.

Unfortunately, Samsung probably does not have the final details about its hardware and key specifications as it is still subject to change before the smartphone enters mass production.

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