Microsoft has unveiled a new way for both Android and iOS users to get a better understanding of today's headlines and current events.

A Welcome News From Microsoft

On June 20, Rob Bennett, Microsoft News editor-in-chief, posted on Windows' official blog that Microsoft rejuvenated its news division. Microsoft News will bring news content to various Microsoft products such as Windows 10, Xbox, and Skype.

The news service is primarily a collaboration between multiple media organizations, artificial intelligence, and editors. Through Microsoft News, users will have the ability to receive access to 3,000 media outlets. It will also give users the chance to personalize what news they consume.

The technology company has offered options ranging from organizing favorite news genres on the MSN website to getting up-to-date information on current events through Windows 10. Microsoft News is expected to use the company's AI to scan over 100,000 pieces of content that it could potentially use for its website and new apps.

New Apps For Android And iOS

To help consumers stay connected to the news world, Microsoft News has released a newly redesigned app. This app is available for Android and iOS phones.

The app comes with the ability to divide news interests into subcategories such as Fitness and World News. It also allows users to search for their top news stories in their local areas, as well as top metropolitan areas.

The Microsoft News app notifies users of breaking news. Also, the app comes with a dark background feature, which gives its nocturnal news readers the opportunity to skim the app at night. The app is now available to download.

Microsoft Product Updates

Meanwhile, Microsoft announced that it would shut down its Groove Music service on Dec. 1, 2018. A company spokesperson stated that people would be unable to download both its iOS and Android apps starting June 1.

While Groove Music users may have lost the ability to use it on their smartphones, they could still have access to the app through Windows 10 computers, Windows Phones, and Xbox consoles. Microsoft is encouraging its users to switch over to Spotify.

Moreover, the technology company released an update to its Windows 10 software in April. The update came with new features such as Timeline, which gave its users the power to find missing items during a 30-day period.

It also introduced several 3D elements into the Windows 10 computer such as adding 3D animations to PowerPoint presentations and welcomed users into their latest 3D software program, the Mixed Reality Viewer.

Additionally, Microsoft is allegedly working on a new version of Windows 10 called "Lean." A significant amount of the Windows 10 operating system's software would be removed to save disk space.

Some of the eliminated items include numerous apps, wallpaper designs, and both CD and DVD drives. It is heavily rumored that consumers who choose to buy this computer would have to download missing items.

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