Tesla Mobile App Allows Owners To Limit Car's Speed And Acceleration Remotely


In addition to "Valet Mode," Tesla owners will be able to enjoy a new feature called the "Speed Limit Mode."

Tesla App's Adds Speed Limit Mode

The latest update of the Tesla mobile app (Version 3.4.1) allows owners to remotely control the speed and acceleration of their vehicle.

Tesla owners with vehicle software version 2018.24 or higher will have access to the app's new Speed Limit Mode, which enables them to set a top speed of the car directly from the app. The automaker noted that the maximum vehicle speed can be set between 50 and 90 mph.

Advantages Of The Feature

Therefore, if Tesla owners do not want their kids to drive the electric car at high speeds, and do not want to activate the Valet Mode, then, this might be the perfect way to restrict the actual speed without disabling the car's other features.

Tesla has already started pushing out the software update and it will eventually be rolled out to the whole fleet. It has yet to be known whether the feature can be turned on while the car is being driven.

If yes, one could also limit the driving speed of their vehicle if it has been stolen, making it easier for law enforcement to track down the vehicle. Then again, Tesla's vehicles are rarely stolen thanks to its always-on advanced GPS tracking feature.

Tesla's Valet Mode

Tesla's Valet Mode, when activated, discreetly limits driving performance to 70 mph and 25 percent acceleration. It also disables access to the glove compartment, the trunk, and other certain vehicle settings. Personal information is also restricted.

There are other companies that have a similar Valet Mode feature. For example, the Corvette's Valet Mode locks down the infotainment system and also has a Performance Data Recorder that records everything that's going on in the car when somebody other than the owner is driving it.

However, Tesla's Valet Mode has no such recording feature, probably because it is illegal in some states in the United States.

Tesla Mobile App

Last month, Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, announced that Tesla owners will soon be able to request service through the Tesla mobile app and a technician will show up to repair the car without any paperwork.

Tesla claims that its mobile technicians can solve 80 percent of the issues with Tesla vehicles without having to bring the car over to a Tesla service center.

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