California Teen Helps Blind And Deaf Man Using Sign Language During Flight


A random act of kindness goes viral as a blind and deaf passenger onboard a cross-country flight gets help from a 15-year-old California teen.

Everything Happens For A Reason

The interaction happened during an Alaska Airlines flight from Boston to California last week. Clara Daly was with her mother Jane Daly when a flight attendant made an announcement shortly after takeoff.

The crewmember was reportedly looking for anyone who knew sign language. As luck would have it, the teenager has the necessary skills that would help in that situation.

"Clara has been studying American Sign Language so she rang the flight attendant button," her mother wrote on Facebook. "They explained that the passenger was not only deaf but also blind. The only way you can communicate with him was by signing into his hand."

The mother and daughter were originally scheduled to take a different flight but it was canceled. They were given the option to take an earlier flight, which they did. They reportedly had to rush to the airport and just made it in time. This gave the teenager the opportunity to use what she learned to help out another passenger.

A Challenge With Communication

Sources note that the flight attendants needed someone to communicate with Tim Cook, a blind and deaf man on his way home to Portland. Apparently, the staff was worried that the passenger might need something during the trip. Fortunately, Clara was available and volunteered to help him throughout the journey.

Given his condition, the teen successfully interacted with Cook using signs made with her fingers, which the man read with his hands. She was able to provide assistance multiple times throughout the flight to help him ask about the arrival time, ask for water, and finally just to have someone to talk with.

When he got home, the 64-year-old reportedly told his senior living service provider that he particularly enjoyed the flight back.

A Heartwarming Story

Clara reveals that she is dyslexic and began learning American Sign Language to help her communicate minus the reading and writing. Her mother took photos of the encounter and posted them on Facebook apparently without her knowledge.

 So far, people on social media reacted favorably to her kind deed. Lynette Scribner, another passenger on the Alaska Airlines flight, also took a photo of the man and the 15-year-old girl during one of their conversations.

"I hope this helps other people realize that in the world we are living in, it is everyone's duty to help each other out, no matter what," said the teenager.

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