Apple has finally rolled out the first iOS 12 public beta three weeks after the next major version of the mobile operating system was unveiled at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference.

The 2018 WWDC was not as packed with updates for the iOS, as most of Apple's attention was on improving iOS stability and on the macOS Mojave. The iOS 12, however, is still something to look forward to. Here is what iPhone and iPad owners can expect if they choose to download it now that the iOS 12 public beta release date has arrived.

Here's What To Expect From iOS 12

The release of the first iOS 12 public beta, which corresponds with the launch of the second iOS 12 developer beta last week, offers iOS beta testers the chance to try the new features that were announced at WWDC 2018.

Among the new iOS 12 features are Memojis, which are avatars customized according to the user's face; Screen Time, which shows iPhone and iPad owners how much time they spend on using their devices; and the automatic sharing of the user's location when calling 911.

However, the iOS 12 public beta will come with a host of "bonus" features in the form of software bugs, due to the software not yet in its final form. This is why it is highly recommended for testers to download beta versions of the iOS into spare iPhones or iPads, as installing the unfinished software may lead to unexpected problems.

iOS 12 Public Beta Download

The developer version of the iOS 12 beta may only be accessed by joining the iOS Developer Program, which comes with an annual fee of $99. The iOS 12 public beta, however, is completely free.

The iOS 12 preview download process starts by signing up for the public beta program. Users will then have to download the version of the iOS 12 public beta that is intended for their device as well as make sure that their iTunes is also on the latest version.

Users are also recommended to register the Unique Device Identifier, or UDID, of their iPhone or iPad, followed by creating a backup of their smartphone or tablet. The iOS 12 public beta can then be installed through iTunes.

Once the update process is completed, the iPhone or iPad will restart, leading into a screen saying "Slide to upgrade." Swiping will reboot the device and will then finally display the familiar "Hello" screen.

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