Rumor: AirPods Case Will Soon Be Able To Charge Your iPhone Wirelessly


An odd, almost unbelievably bizarre Apple rumor has just surfaced: according to a report from Nikkei Asian Review, iPhones will soon be able to wirelessly charge via the charging case for AirPods, the company's wireless headphones. Say what, now?

Nikkei cites an "an industry source familiar with the plan," for the tidbit, which unfortunately gave no further explanation as to how that would work. It should be noted that the AirPods charging case has a tiny battery compared with the iPhone X — 398 mAh vs. 2,716 mAh.

An AirPods Charging Case That Can Charge Your iPhone?

The product could be available later this year, Nikkei's source claims, although plans could still change. The current AirPods charging case is a tiny compartment that charges the AirPods, shaped like a typical floss container. The case itself can be charged using a power cord, but that'll change once Apple finally begins selling its AirPower charging pad, which can charge three separate Apple devices at the same time.

Given that information, it's even harder to imagine how such a tiny case will bring juice to an iPhone. The idea isn't totally farfetched, though — it's just very difficult to imagine what the implementation would be. Could the AirPods charging case be used for dire cases, wherein it'll give an iPhone just enough charge to, say, make a call? Or will it be able to charge an iPhone up to its full capacity? The former seems more likely, but even still it's hard to visualize what the setup is going to look like.

9to5Mac notes that someone must have misunderstood something associated with the AirPower charging pad. Given that Apple works with engineers and developers from different backgrounds, it's likely something was lost in translation. Then again, a recent Bloomberg report suggested that Apple is developing a new version of the AirPods, and it's entirely possible that it's also developing a new charging case for it, presumably one with a design that'll support iPhone wireless charging.

AirPower Delayed

It should take a while before Apple's wireless charging products arrive, however, as rumors say, the company is facing a number of struggles in the production department. Recent reports say the AirPower charging pad is coming this September, a full year after it was announced.

How do you imagine an AirPods charging case powering up an iPhone? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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