T-Mobile is offering an attractive deal on the Apple Watch Series 3. For a limited time, interested customers can buy one and get a second one at half price.

The wearable market may not be soaring right now, but Apple is leading the smartwatch race and its devices are still in demand. The high price tag may put off some prospective customers, but some deals can make them significantly more affordable.

Apple Watch Series 3 Discount

Those in the market for one or two Apple Watch Series 3 smartwatches might want to take a look at T-Mobile's current offer, as it allows for notable savings. For a limited time, customers can purchase one device at full price, and get 50 percent off the second one, which amounts to savings of $215. The offer is for the 42mm model of the Apple Watch Series 3.

In all fairness, the Apple Watch Series 3 has received some negative feedback over its reliability issues, but it's still considered one of the best smartwatches currently available on the market — especially by Apple fans.

T-Mobile Apple Watch Offer

To take advantage of T-Mobile's new limited-time deal, interested customers have to purchase both Apple Watch devices on an Equipment Installment Plan complete with a T-Mobile DIGITS plan for the Apple Watch plan on the same line.

New customers have to add at least two new paid DIGITS Apple Watch lines, while existing ones will have to add at least one. At the same time, customers will also need to pay for both watches at full price initially, along with the necessary taxes.

The 50 percent off the second Apple Watch Series 3, meaning $215, will come in 24 monthly bill credits, which require the customer to maintain their EIP and DIGITS Apple Watch plan active. If one of these plans is deactivated, the monthly bill credits will stop. The fine print also says to "allow two bill cycles."


As a reminder, T-Mobile's DIGITS allows customers to use one phone number across their connected devices. In this case, they can sync it with their Apple Watch, so that the wearable device rings or gets notifications every time the phone number is contacted. It's a paid service priced at $15 per month, or $10 per month for those who have enabled autopay.

T-Mobile says that this is a limited-time deal only, but doesn't specify just when exactly this offer is set to expire. In any case, interested customers might want to take advantage of it while it still lasts.

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