Imaging company Kodak and mobile device manufacturing company Bullitt Group have announced a partnership that will lead to the launch of a line of Android-based mobile devices focusing on photography, with top-of-the-line image management features and software.

The devices are primarily aimed at users who are looking to have a high-end imaging experience on their mobile devices, but are looking for gadgets that will tone down on the increasing levels of difficulty required to use them.

The line of devices that the Kodak-Bullitt partnership will release includes smartphones and tablets. The devices will come with imaging-focused software for capturing, managing and sharing pictures to enrich the user experience right out of the box.

The devices will also come with advanced software for remote management, allowing others to help the user out if assistance is needed.

"Kodak is one of the world's most recognizable brands. It is trusted by consumers as a marque of quality and innovation," said Bullitt Mobile CEO Oliver Schulte.

According to Schulte, Bullitt Mobile has taken Kodak's heritage and used it as an inspiration for the range of devices that the partnership will be releasing, which will allow users to capture great images and then edit, store, share and print the pictures instantly.

The Kodak mobile devices, unlike the other smartphones that have the same target audience, will show a balanced focus on the design and user experience.

Schulte adds that the Kodak mobile devices will deliver a simple user experience that will not compromise the features of the devices, as they address the glaring absence of imaging-focused mobile devices in the market.

The devices will be providing consumers with an easy way of sharing and printing pictures, while at the same time providing them with the latest features that can be found on the most recent smartphones supported by Android OS.

Schulte said that the devices will be catering to a huge portion of the consumer market that sees ease of usage and design as very important, just as much as they value the device's functionality.

Kodak VP for Brand Licensing Eileen Murphy expressed her excitement with the company entering the market for mobile devices in partnership with the Bullitt Group. Murphy says that the company is impressed with the commitment of their partner in releasing an entire range of products that embody the innovation and quality that Kodak is known for all over the world.

The first mobile device of the Kodak-Bullitt partnership will be unveiled at the upcoming CES 2015 in January. Other announcements of devices from the line will be made in the second half of next year, which will include a 4G handset, a connected camera and a tablet computer.

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