More Xbox Elite Wireless Controller 2.0 Details Leaked: 'Evolution,' Not 'Revolution'


A new leak further confirms that Microsoft is working on the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller 2.0, which will be more of an upgrade of its predecessor and not a brand-new device.

The original Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, released in 2015, received mostly positive reviews and grew in popularity. This was primarily because of its long list of gaming features, and it looks like the next Xbox Elite will continue that trends.

Xbox Elite Controller 2 In The Works

In January, images of the next Xbox Elite Wireless Controller leaked online, revealing that Microsoft was working on the device's successor.

Judging from the leaked images, there was speculation that the new Xbox Elite controller will come with a USB-C port, Bluetooth for Windows 10 support, three-stage triggers, three-profile switching, and adjustable thumbsticks.

It was previously though that Microsoft will unveil the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller 2 at E3 2018, but the annual video game event passed by without any mention of the device.

New Xbox Elite Controller 2 Leak

Windows Central said that the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller 2.0 will be more of an "evolution" instead of a "revolution," according to its sources that revealed new information on the device.

The codename for the new Xbox Elite controller is said to be Spider, possibly referring to the long paddles on the reverse side that resemble spider legs. The Windows Central report claimed that the controller will have a three-stage hair trigger lock, allowing for far more trigger depression adjustment for faster activation. In comparison, the original Xbox Elite only offered a single on-off stage.

The next Xbox Elite controller will also allegedly have tension control for its joysticks, which will allow players to control the resistance of the thumbsticks.

Interestingly, the new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller appears to have built-in batteries with a special charging port with technology that resembles Apple's MagSafe locking mechanism. Some sources added that the controller may also come with its own charging dock for display and fast-charge purposes.

Xbox One Controller Options

Microsoft is apparently looking to expand the controller options for Xbox One owners, as there were also recent reports that the company has teamed up with video game accessory maker Razer to create an exclusive keyboard and mouse for the console. Xbox One owners using the keyboard and mouse will be matched with similar players.

"We are always exploring new ways to improve the Xbox experience, but have nothing to share at this time," a Microsoft spokesperson told Tech Times.

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