Russia and China Stand Firmly Behind North Korea in Hacking Scandal


Amid the massive Sony Pictures Entertainment hacking crisis, Russia has offered support to North Korea in a sign that could prove relations between the two nations are growing tighter. From what the Russians have to say, it is clear that the Russian government is not in agreement with the White House.

According to the Russians, the United States failed to offer any form of proof to back its claims against North Korea in the Sony Pictures hacking scandal. Alexander Lukashevich, spokesman for the Russian foreign ministry, said the anger North Korea showed was quite understandable.

Lukashevich also made sure to point out that threats sent by President Obama were counterproductive and without merit.

"We perceive the U.S. threats to take revenge and calls on other nations to condemn the Democratic People's Republic of Korea as absolutely counterproductive and dangerous, as they only would add tensions to the already difficult situation on the Korean Peninsula and could lead to further escalation of conflict," Lukashevich said.

Russia's announcement on the matter is not surprising since the country has been rebuilding ties with North Korea. Ever since the breakdown of the Soviet Union, Russia and North Korea have been at odds, but things took a drastic change when Vladimir Putin came into power.

Despite Putin's new approach toward the North, nothing much has changed in how Pyongyang goes about its ambitions. From all indications, however, both countries are growing even closer since the U.S. and Europe slapped the Russian Federation with heavy sanctions over its actions in Crimea and Ukraine.

Now, what is China's take on the situation?

"Any civilized world will oppose hacker attacks or terror threats," said China in a Global Times editorial. "But a movie like The Interview, which makes fun of the leader of an enemy of the U.S., is nothing to be proud of for Hollywood and U.S. society."

"Americans always believe they can jab at other countries' leaders just because they are free to criticize or make fun of their own state leaders. Actually, the countries targeted in Hollywood movies are very selective, such as the Cold War era's Soviet Union, North Korea and Iran."

Sony Pictures recently chose to release The Interview in theaters and via YouTube and Xbox Video online services. So far, the release appears to be a massive success as moviegoers from several countries have come forward to say that they have enjoyed the movie. It is not quite apparent at this time if the hackers will even respond to the release in the coming days.

In the past, the hackers claimed that they were planning something big for Sony Pictures on Christmas, but the threats have proved to be nothing more than talk.

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