In case you've been living under a rock...

North Korea's grand poobah is Kim Jung-un. The country's government is allegedly responsible for hacking into Sony Pictures in order to stop it from releasing a comedy film called The Interview, in which two goofballs manage to get an on-camera interview with Jung-un but get recruited by the U.S. government to assassinate him instead. Since the hacks, the movie's been pulled from its release date and may never be seen at all.

The whole ordeal has outraged many here in America, and here are 14 glorious examples of Internet justice aimed at one of the most hated men of our time.

The only appropriate response to Kim Jong-un's bullying:

Oh yeah, we're super scared of North Korea and its powerful arsenal of terror.

Finally, a petition every single person in America would sign.

Show of hands: Who'd pay to see this in a theater?

So awesome.

Apparently Mr. Evil Dictator learned nothing from Luis Suarez' teeth or Kim Kardashian's butt.

And if you're going to go after Sony, couldn't you at least do something constructive while you're at it?

Just one of many "Jong-un vs. Obama" memes...

Katniss can always be counted on to tell it like it is, which is why we love her.

Who better than Archer to chime in on world affairs?

Too right.

Conspiracy! It's all a conspiracy! With aliens!

I'm quaking in fear. Join me.

Wait, so there are other reasons to do things?

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