People who eat a lot of vegetables and fruits are less likely to have asthma and suffer from it, a new study suggests.

Health experts say that the antioxidants and the anti-inflammatory contents found in fruits and vegetables protect people from breathing issues.

Healthy Diet Helps Reduce Symptoms Of Asthma

The researchers of the study, from Paris 13 University and French health institutes INSERM, claim that the symptoms of asthma are 30 percent less likely to appear in a person that has a healthy diet. Eating more meat or sugary products, however, could make asthma harder to control. The scientists are hoping that these new findings will help people control the symptoms of the condition.

Scientists of the study examined over 30,000 people to compare their diets to how severe is their asthma. The scientists discovered that men who have a healthy diet had a 30 percent less chance of experiencing the symptoms of asthma while women who ate healthily had a 20 percent less chance of suffering from the condition.

For men who already have asthma are 60 percent less likely to have problems controlling their symptoms if they stick to a healthy diet. For the women who have asthma, a healthy diet reduces the symptoms by 27 percent.

The Cure For Asthma

The researchers of the study stated that not enough research has been conducted in the past that showed the effects of a diet for asthma and their findings could help prevent a person from developing asthma in the first place.

For the study, the participants were asked to fill out a questionnaire about their symptoms over a one-month period. The researchers measured the participants' diets by using a daily food diary, which researchers randomly selected every three days per person.

The diets that were high in vegetable, whole grains, and fruits were considered to be healthy while sugary foods, salt, and meat were considered to be less healthy.

"Our results strongly encourage the promotion of healthy diets for preventing asthma symptoms and managing the disease. A healthy diet is mostly made up of a high intake of fruit, vegetables, and fiber," said Dr. Roland Andrianasolo, lead researcher of the study.

Dr. Andrianasolo stated that the consumption of unhealthy foods seemed to worsen the conditions of symptoms. Asthma is caused by the inflammation or swelling of lungs and one in 12 people have asthma, which equates to 54 million in the UK and 25 million in the United States.

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