Nintendo Labo Creators Contest Winners Include 'The Legend Of Zelda' Piano, Alarm Clock, And Solar-Powered Accordion


The Nintendo Labo Creators Contest has Nintendo recognizing several amazing projects, including a The Legend of Zelda-themed piano, an analog clock with alarm, and a solar-powered accordion.

Nintendo fans apparently went all out with their Nintendo Labo creations for the contest, probably because winners will be receiving a very special prize for their efforts and creativity.

Nintendo Labo Contest Winners

Nintendo Labo, cardboard accessories for the Nintendo Switch that are limited only by the user's creativity has spawned amazing projects worldwide. Nintendo decided to showcase these Nintendo Labo creation through a contest named the Nintendo Labo Creators Contest.

The contest required participants to upload videos of their Nintendo Labo creations, and the results have certainly exceeded expectations.

On the official page of the Nintendo Labo Creators Contest, the selected projects have been divided into three categories, with three winners selected for each category.

For the Best Decorated Toy-Con category, the winners are The Legend of Music, an intricately designed piano with a The Legend of Zelda theme; No Grown-Ups Allowed, which placed the Nintendo Switch inside a treehouse; and Jurassic PaRC, which is a version of the Toy-Con remote controlled car that was made to look like a dinosaur.

For the Best Toy-Con Mod Using Toy-Con Garage category, the winners are Analog Clock with Alarm, which uses the Toy-Con Piano knobs and button to adjust the clock and alarm; LABO Fix-It, which utilizes a screen overlay with the Toy-Con House to create a frantic and fun game; and Creature Says! Listen to the Creature!, which is a Toy-Con version of the popular Simon Says.

For the Best Original Invention Using Toy-Con Garage category, the winners are Labo Tea Time, a time management game that requires players to pour four different types of tea for customers; Don't Break The Line, which is a simple coin-operated game that rewards players with candy; and arguably the most impressive project of all, the Solar-Powered Cardboard Accordion, which is an instrument that uses the Joy-Cons and the sun to create music.

Nintendo Labo Creators Contest Prize

Nintendo Labo creators gave their best in preparing their entries due to the amazing prize that Nintendo is offering for the contest.

The prize is none other than the Nintendo Switch cardboard edition. The limited edition version of the hybrid console, which goes all-in on the cardboard theme for the unit, its dock, and the Joy-Cons, may only be acquired by winning the Nintendo Labo Creators Contest.

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