No Man's Sky Next Update Will Add Full Multiplayer, But Is It Too Late?


Developer Hello Games released a new trailer for the No Man's Sky Next update, promising features that include first full multiplayer experience for the game, two years after it was released.

No Man's Sky was launched with massive hype in 2016, but excitement quickly turned to disappointment when players discovered that they are not able to meet up with one another in the game's procedurally generated universe. The No Man's Sky Next update, in essence, is Hello Games trying to deliver its long-delayed promise.

What's In The 'No Man's Sky' Next Update?

When No Man's Sky launched in 2016, players were able to interact with things that other players had discovered, but they were not able to see each other even if they were in the same place on a planet. Later updates added the option for players to share bases, leave messages, and talk to one another under certain circumstances, but it was not a true multiplayer experience.

The upcoming No Man's Sky update, simply named Next, will change things completely. Players will be able to see other players and explore together, and according to the trailer of the Next update, will also be able to team up in dogfights.

Adding true multiplayer to No Man's Sky is not the only purpose of the update, though. Players will gain more character customization options, improved abilities for creating race tracks and trails for exocraft racing, and increased complexity and size limits in base building. There is also the choice to include multiple bases, for players who are looking to team up with their friends.

With all the new additions, No Man's Sky will also receive a visual overhaul, including options for both third-person and first-person view. There will also be improvements to the textures of some of the aspects of the game, including water, clouds, and space.

Is 'No Man's Sky' Good Now?

The No Man's Sky Next update will be rolled out as a free download on July 24 to all players who own a copy of the game. Hello Games is calling it the game's biggest update yet, and it is easy to see why.

The issue, however, is that the Next update might be arriving a bit too late. The game promised endless possibilities, but in just two weeks since the No Man's Sky release, players were already giving up on it, leading to one of the biggest disappointments ever in the history of the video game industry.

The No Man's Sky Next update will launch alongside the arrival of the game to the Xbox One, so there is a chance for renewed excitement. However, given its history, players will likely wait and see before jumping back in.

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