The founder of McAfee is daring everyone to hack his unhackable cryptocurrency wallet and receive $100,000 if they succeed.

Anyone who can break into the Bitfi wallet. which is supposedly a hack-proof cryptocurrency storage that John McAfee has been promoting heavily on social media of late, will receive a hefty sum from McAfee himself. McAfee is responsible for some of the most popular digital security products in the world.

Want A Quick Way To Earn $100,000?

McAfee is confident no one will get the $100,000 because Bitfi is apparently the world's first unhackable device. This is indeed a highly ambitious claim, and McAfee has yet to offer evidence to back it up.

Meanwhile, the team behind Bitfi was quick to whip up some official rules about McAfee's bounty program.

"We strongly believe in the value of a bounty in an effort to resolve any possible concerns about the security of the Bitfi wallet," as per the rules.

However, Bitfi is not saying that the bounty program will reveal any vulnerability since the company already claims that its security is "absolute and that the wallet cannot be hacked or penetrated by outside attacks."

The program is rather intended for people who believe that nothing is unhackable, or that they can hack into Bitfi. The company ultimately wants to show the world that attempts to hack the wallet are futile and that its advertised claims are accurate.

Some Things To Keep In Mind

Here are some caveats to remember: anyone who wants to participate in the bounty program has to buy a Bitfi wallet and purchase an additional $50 of cryptocurrency credits, which will be loaded onto the device.

The requirements needed to get $100,000 are simple enough: successfully extracting the coins and emptying the wallet will count as a successful hack. In addition, however, the person must provide proof that the wallet has indeed been emptied.

It is important to note that Bitfi does not consider this as a bug bounty program. If someone does manage to hack the device, Bitfi says it wouldn't be because of a bug. However, it maintains that the device is unhackable, and any attempt to prove otherwise will be useless.

It is difficult to imagine that anything in the world, especially with the tools available, is unhackable. In any case, it would be exciting to see whether hackers can prove both McAfee and Bitfi wrong.

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