Turing Phone Is Like A Smartphone For Superheroes: It's Unhackable, Unbreakable, And Waterproof


The Turing Phone is a newly developed smartphone that looks like it belongs to a superhero, with the makers of the device claiming that it is unhackable, unbreakable and waterproof.

The 5.5-inch smartphone is made from a unique liquid metal alloy which has greater strength than both steel and aluminum. The device is also meant to be unhackable, with highly-secure end-to-end encryption being included in most of the smartphone's core applications.

Users can activate the device through the fingerprint scanner on the side of the smartphone, which is built to keep third parties and servers out of the user's business. wrote that Turing Robotics Industries CEO Syl Chao compares most phones of today to Volkswagens, while the smartphone revealed by Chao is a supercar.

The material that the Turing Phone is made out of is named liquidmorphium, and its higher strength compared to steel and aluminum protects the device from screen breakage and shock when dropped or impacted.

The Turing Phone also features nano-coating for its internal components, which makes the device waterproof. There is no sealing system on the smartphone, which means that water will be able to enter the Turing Phone if it is submerged. However, the nano-coating will protect the internal components of the device, so users will only have to dry off the smartphone to be able to begin using it again.

The specifications of the device reveal a Krait 2.5 GHz quad-core processor along with a Turing Imitation Key Chipset. The smartphone will run on Android 5.1 Lollipop, but Chao said that the smartphone will feature a total overhaul of Google's mobile operating system, with the software of the device fully customized.

The resolution of the 5.5-inch screen is 1,920 pixels by 1,080 pixels for full high-definition, and the smartphone will also feature a 13MP HDR dual-flash, rear-facing camera and an 8MP HDR, front-facing camera. The battery of the Turing Phone is a 3,000 mAh one.

Pre-orders for the Turing Phone will begin at the end of the month, with a price of $610 for a model of the smartphone with a memory capacity of 16GB. The phone will come in three models, namely Beowulf, Cardinal and Pharaoh, with each model taking inspiration for colors and textures from the indicated names.

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