Samsung has officially refreshed its smartwatch line, replacing the Gear naming scheme with a fresh new name. The company's new wearable, called the Galaxy Watch, was just announced at its Unpacked Event in New York.

The watch features 3G/LTE connectivity and wireless charging — typical fare for smartwatches. Samsung will be selling two models: a 46 mm silver version and a smaller 42 mm version, available in black or rose gold.

The Gear branding is done, if that wasn't clear. Samsung's smartwatches will start carrying the Galaxy prefix, and it'll remain that way until Samsung decides to revise the brand again. The naming makes sense, as it ties the device more closely to the company's smartphone and tablet lines.

Contrary to reports that alleged Wear OS on the Galaxy Watch, the device actually retains its proprietary operating system, which means users will still be greeted with Tizen — version 4.0 — when they power up the device.

The New Samsung Galaxy Watch

Despite the new branding, the Galaxy Watch seems practically similar to the Gear smartwatches of yesteryear. The iconic circular bezel is still there, which acts as a control. The rotatable bezel is one of the freshest ideas to come from Samsung's smartwatch line, and one aspect that still sets it apart from Apple's offering.

As for the battery, Samsung claims users are going to squeeze "several days on a single charge" out the wearable. Battery life could make or break a smartwatch, so it is reassuring to know that Samsung has given ample focus on that aspect.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Specs

The Galaxy Watch features either a 1.3-inch touch display for the 46 mm model or a 1.2-inch touch display for the 42 mm variant, both of which are AMOLED screens with Gorilla DX+ glass protection.

Powering up the wearable is a 1.15 GHz Exynos 9110 Dual Core processor, coupled with 1.15 GB of RAM and 4 GB of storage for the LTE version, and 768 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage for the Bluetooth version.

Both models feature IP68 water and dust resistance. They also have a heart rate monitor, ambient light sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, and barometer, which are typical components of any decent smartwatch.

The Galaxy Watch will be available in the United States on Aug. 24 before launching into different markets over the following weeks. The 42 mm version will cost $329.99, while the 46 mm version will be available for $349.99.

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