Samsung's affordable phones should be significantly improved in 2016, and its first Tizen handset, the Z1 is part of the scheduled upgrade.

The Samsung Z1 (2016 model) is in tow and it carries model number SM-Z150, and insiders familiar with the matter say that the device sports an AMOLED display. The screen was previously seen in budget smartphones from Samsung, as well as in the Samsung Z3.

The initial version of the Z1 rolled out at the start of 2015. Those who hoped to see Samsung release a Z1 model per year were dismayed, but hope is not lost altogether. Thanks to Tizen, the operating system behind the Samsung Z1, the company could schedule the releases anytime it sees fit.

Even if the Z1 and the Z3 went on the shelves nine months one after another, it is likely that the release of the 2016 model of Z1 will happen much quicker. As a reminder, the Z3 started shipping to customers in October.

Recent reports indicate that the Z5 is heading to India in order to for it be tested, but take that with a grain of salt. The leaked image might actually be of a Z1 (2016) or a Z3 successor.

It should be mentioned that Tizen showcased poor performance on the first Z1 device, so we certainly look forward to a better combination of hardware and software from the new Samsung Z1 (2016).

Samsung fans could purchase the original Z1 for about $90, and there is reason to assume that the upcoming variant will land at a comparable price. The Z1 Tizen phone was popular in spite of the OS's clunky performance, selling 1 million units in the first six months of presence in India.

Rumors claim that the premium Galaxy A series is also getting revamped in 2016, and we will keep you posted.

Neither the Z1 nor the Z3 were released in the United States in 2015, but should the Z1 (2016 model) come to the country, we will make sure to let you know beforehand.

Several rumors hint that Samsung eyes the high-end market with an upcoming premium handset running on Tizen. This would give the OEM an edge over competing with Android phones. During last year, the proprietary OS from Samsung overtook BlackBerry OS in terms of purchases.

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