Facebook Officially Shuts Down Friend List Feeds: What Were They For, Exactly?


Facebook users bid goodbye to friend list feeds as the social networking company announced that this feature is no longer available starting Aug. 9.

The said feed functions as another news feed that only contains updates posted from people who are included in the list created by the user. For example, a Facebook user can group posts from their designated friend list that may be for family, colleagues, work, peers, or neighbors.

About The Friend List Feeds Feature

This function resulted in a more personally modified version of the news feed where Facebook users can catch up on updates that are important to them without having to see the clutter from other posts.

To access the feature, Facebook users just have to go to the Feeds section in the app that lists all the feeds available to them based on their friend list. The said list has been around on the social network site for years.

However, its original version has required users to manually make it. First, they had to create a list, then go through all their Facebook friends one by one to add people. As people create more lists, they would have to remember to add their friends to the appropriate list.

Despite its appeal, only a few users have made use of the feature. According to Facebook, 95 percent of its users in 2011 did not make a single list.

Effort To Increase Scheme Usage

Facebook also made an attempt to increase the use of its friend list feature by introducing the smart list. The said list automatically groups friends with common characteristics such as people who went to the same school together, or those who live close to them, to save its users the effort. However, that scheme did not help significantly.

According to a spokesperson for Facebook, the company has made the lesser-used feature unavailable to put a spotlight on their efforts that will soon improve the main news feed experience of its users.

Although people will not be able to view a custom feeds from their list of friends, they will still be able to make and edit lists, and have an option to just share to their selected audiences whenever they post on their account.

Additionally, users can keep on customizing their news feed by going to the preferences to choose posts they want to hide, and which ones they would like to see first.

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