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Facebook Is Saying Goodbye To The News Feed In Its Latest Redesign

Facebook’s redesigned app is available now on iOS on Android, putting more focus on Groups instead of the News Feed. A new design for the web version is also arriving later this year.

Apps/Software May 1, 2019

Facebook Officially Shuts Down Friend List Feeds: What Were They For, Exactly?

Facebook made its friend list feeds unavailable. The lesser-known feature allowed its users to see posts from a designated friends list, which resulted in a more personalized news feed.

Internet August 10, 2018

Some Facebook Ads For Games Will Now Be ‘Playable’: Here’s How They Work

Expect to see playable ads in your news feed soon. The company is now rolling out its own playable ads platform to advertisers, which will allow users to try out a video game before downloading.

Internet August 2, 2018

Facebook Augmented Reality Ads Will Let You Try On Products From Your News Feed

Facebook is testing augmented reality advertisements on the News Feed, starting with Michael Kors sunglasses. The ads will allow user to try on the products using the smartphone's camera, similar to how filters work.

Apps/Software July 11, 2018

Facebook Ends ‘Explore’ News Feed Experiment Because ‘People Don’t Want Two Separate Feeds’

Facebook has now ended an experiment where content from brands and publishers were relegated into a separate ‘Explore’ feed. Why did it end? Well, users didn’t like it that much.

Internet March 2, 2018

Facebook News Feed To Feature More Local News: Is This A Good Idea?

The Facebook News Feed will start to show more local news stories instead of content by national media outlets. The move, according to the social network's COE Mark Zuckerberg, will look to distance users from politicized and divisive articles.

Internet January 30, 2018

Facebook News Feed To Feature Less News And Public Content, More Posts From Friends And Family

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants the time users spend on the social network to be more meaningful, so an overhaul is in store. Facebook will show less public content and more posts from friends and family.

Internet January 13, 2018

Facebook Is Testing A New ‘Today In’ Feature To Bring You Vetted Local News

Facebook is currently experimenting with a new city-based section called Today In. In it, users will be able to see local information, announcements, and news.

Internet January 11, 2018

Facebook Might Split The News Feed Into Two: One For Regular Posts, And Another For Promoted Posts

The traditional Facebook news feed is a trail mix of ads, posts by friends, and promoted content, and that can sometimes get chaotic. That might change soon, though, as the site experiments splitting the news feed into two.

Internet October 24, 2017

Hate Your Typical Facebook News Feed? Try The Explore Feed, Now Rolling Out On Desktop

Facebook has rolled out a new Explore Feed section on the desktop site, some sort of alternative news feed with posts you might be interested in. The feed is based on what you liked previously and what’s popular among friends.

Internet October 19, 2017

Tired Of Seeing Political Posts On Your Facebook Feed? Here's How To Remove Them

Even though the election is over, your Facebook feed is still full of political drama. Give yourself a much-needed break by taking the politics out of your News Feed.

Apps/Software February 5, 2017

Facebook’s Latest Change To The News Feed Buries Articles That Feature Clickbait Headlines

Facebook announced another change to its News Feed as it prevents users from seeing content shared by Pages that include clickbait headlines.

Internet August 4, 2016

Go Wild, Shutterbugs. Facebook 360 Photos Is Finally Here

Facebook began rolling out its 360 photos on Thursday, and it allows users to capture and share immersive panoramic images to the News Feed.

Internet June 10, 2016

Most US Adults Get Their News From Social Media

The majority of adults in the United States get their news from social media. As expected, Facebook is the top social media source for news based on a recent survey.

Life & Style May 27, 2016

Facebook Will Let Users Turn Off Live Video Notifications

Facebook will soon roll out a new feature that will allow users to turn off notifications for Live Videos.

Internet March 9, 2016

The Guide To The All The Latest Facebook Changes And How To Use These New Features

Facebook has a whole slew of new features lately. Here are all the details on how each of them work.

Internet February 29, 2016

Facebook Expands Its Like Button With The Launch Of 'Reactions'

Facebook launched 'Reactions' on Wednesday for desktop and mobile, its extension of the 'Like' button that will help users better express how they feel about posts.

Internet February 24, 2016

Facebook Fights Clickbait With Survey-Based News Feed Results

Facebook has announced a change to its News Feed algorithm that will take into account results from surveys that ask users point blank what kinds of posts they want to see.

Internet February 1, 2016

This Is Why Everyone Is In Love With Peach, The Hot New iOS Messaging App

Peach is a new social media messaging app from the co-founder of Vine that has been getting lots on buzz on Twitter. We sampled the app, finding we could go for seconds.

Apps/Software January 14, 2016

Facebook Tweaking News Feeds For Poor Connections On Mobile, Offline Comments In Tow

Need to comment on a post, but the connection is poor? Facebook is working on making its News Feed available for offline comment, allowing users to continue viewing content as seamlessly and as quickly as possible.

Internet December 10, 2015

Facebook Announces New 'Music Stories' Feature That Lets Users Share Song Clips From Apple Music And Spotify

Facebook has begun rolling out a new feature called Music Stories for iOS users that allows them to share a snippet of a song directly from Spotify or Apple Music to their News Feed.

Apps/Software November 5, 2015

Facebook Users Can Now Remove Their Bad Memories From 'On This Day'

You can now select what memories to forget on Facebook by removing a specific person or date from the 'On This Day' memory feature.

Internet October 13, 2015

Facebook's News Feed Will Now Depend On How Strong Your Internet Connection Is

News Feeds on Facebook can have media-heavy content, which can only be enjoyed by users on strong Internet connections. Facebook released an update that will also allow users on weak connections to enjoy their News Feed.

Internet October 7, 2015

Facebook Experiments With 'Watch Later' Feature For Videos To Make You Stay Longer On Site

The new 'Watch Later' feature will allow users to watch more videos on site while looking to boost ad revenue for Facebook.

Internet July 17, 2015

Facebook Introduces News Feed Update That Gives Users More Control

Facebook just rolled out new control preferences on its mobile app that allow users to prioritize the people and Pages they want to appear first in their News Feeds.

Internet July 9, 2015

Facebook Is Watching You Watch Videos To Give You More Of The Same Videos

Facebook announced that it will track the way its users watch videos, featuring more relevant videos based on the content users play - even if they didn't explicitly indicate interest with a like, comment or share.

Internet June 30, 2015

Facebook 'See First' Will Make Your BFFs And Marketers Go Hoorah

Facebook launches a small experiment giving users more control over what they want to see on their News Feed.

Internet June 19, 2015

Your Facebook News Feed Now Also Depends On How Much Time You Spend Reading It

Facebook has once again tweaked its News Feed algorithm, now timing how long users spend looking at certain posts. The idea being that users are more interested in certain types of content if they spend longer looking at those posts.

Internet June 14, 2015

Not Only Likes And Comments: Facebook Now Takes Into Account Time Spent On Stories

Facebook will soon begin evaluating the time spent on a story in order to prioritize it in the News Feed. The tweak will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Internet June 13, 2015

Support For Animated GIFs: Facebook's Killer Move To Woo Teen Users

Facebook has finally announced support for GIFs, almost 10 years after officially removing the feature for fear of the News Feed becoming too cluttered.

Internet May 30, 2015

Facebook Wants You To Stop Googling And Start Using In-App Keyword Search Engine

Facebook is testing out an in-app keyword search engine to make it easier for users to look for specific links and pages that they can post in their status updates.

Apps/Software May 11, 2015

Facebook Study Says Users, And Not Its Algorithm, Insulate Themselves From Diverse Opinions

A new study suggests that Facebook users are not exposed to political views different from their own on social media because of Facebook's algorithm, but rather because of the friends that they have and the links that they click on.

Internet May 9, 2015

Twitter Rolls Out 'Highlights' Feature: Here's What It Can Do And How To Opt In

Twitter’s latest feature for Android users makes it look more and more like Facebook.

Apps/Software April 24, 2015

Facebook Tweaks News Feed Algorithm - Here’s What That Means For You

Facebook has made a number of important changes to how the News Feed works, likely meaning that publishers will not get as much traffic through Facebook. Here's what it means for you.

Internet April 23, 2015

Facebook Tweaks News Feed To Show 'Content That Matters To You'

Facebook makes some substantial changes based on member feedback and claims the content delivery adjustments are all about giving users what they want and what they don't want. It's also clearly about keeping members more engaged and on site for longer time frames.

Internet April 22, 2015

Facebook Wants To Keep Hoaxes Out Of Your News Feed

Facebook is updating its News Feed once again. This time, the social network is trying to make the Internet a more truthful and ultimately a better place.

Internet Culture January 20, 2015

Facebook Groups App: It's Cool But Will It Take Off?

Facebook takes the wraps off its fifth standalone app. Now, users can access their groups via a new iOS and Android app unsurprisingly named Groups.

Apps/Software November 19, 2014

No More Free Lunch: Facebook Will Kick Out Unpaid Promotional Posts from News Feed

Facebook has tweaked its News Feed algorithm once again, promising that users will now see fewer overly promotional posts. The move may be great for users, but it is likely to frustrate businesses that have been complaining about their reach as it is.

Internet November 17, 2014

Now Facebook News Feed allows you to unfollow boring (and annoying) friends and Pages: Here's how

Facebook is rolling out a new feature that gives users the ability to better customize their news feeds. Users tell the social media network that they want to see fewer posts from particular friends, without completely unfollowing or unfriending them.

Internet November 11, 2014

Facebook has just made it easier to clean up the mess it created in News Feed: Here's how [Video]

If your Facebook News Feed is a jumble of posts from people you don’t really interact with, Facebook will now let you change all that with its new settings.

Internet November 9, 2014

Facebook now gives users more control over News Feed: Here are the goodies

By updating News Feed settings, Facebook is giving users more control over what they see. Netizens can now 'unfollow' friends, Groups and Pages easily.

Internet November 8, 2014

Facebook streamlines News Feed to boost follow capability

Facebook tunes up its News Feed with several new controls. Giving users more control over what shows up in their news feeds makes for a better experience for everyone, says Facebook.

Internet November 7, 2014

Facebook courting publishers for unique mobile content strategy

Facebook is proposing a deal with publishers to post content directly to the social media company's mobile app. While this could be great for consumers and Facebook, publishers are much more wary about it.

Apps/Software October 27, 2014

News Feed should show real time news: Facebook finally gets it right

Facebook will begin showing more timely stories higher up in the News Feeds of its users. Two additional factors will determine which posts are given more exposure in News Feeds.

Internet September 21, 2014

Did Facebook change its News Feed? Real-time stories pushed to the top

Facebook is adding a change to its News Feed to include and prioritize trending topics as a way to compete with Twitter.

Internet Culture September 19, 2014

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