Google has acknowledged that Fortnite will not be available on Play Store. Epic Games has bypassed the store when it launched on Android.

The game developer has opted to offer the hit video game, Fortnite Battle Royale, directly on its official website. The company believes that the game is famous enough to draw more players to its website, however, many game apps do not have the option to make the same choice.

Success Of 'Fortnite'

Reports indicate that the move has cost Google an estimated amount $50 million in platform fees this year. Since its introduction, the game has grossed more than $180 million on Apple's devices. It has been exclusively available on iOS since it was launched as an invite-only beta last March 15, before it expanded to all App Store users.

Sensor Tower, an app store intelligence firm, reported that Fortnite has earned Apple more than $54 million. It gets a 30 percent cut from the in-app spending on the apps available on the App Store.

This indicates that Epic Games is not willing to give up the same amount of money to Google when there is another option available to them. Unlike Apple, which only allows its users to download from its storefront, Google's platform is more open.

Possible Risks

Android users can adjust the settings so they can download apps and games from anywhere on the internet. However, this exposes the device to more malware infections, security risks, and other malicious attacks.

Because of the said reasons, security researchers stated that Epic Games' ruling presents a dangerous situation for downloaders because it will encourage people to disable the default security protection from their devices.

Many people are also concerned that those who look for the game online could be tricked into downloading another app that might take advantage of Fortnite's absence from the store to scam its mobile users.

Google shares the same sentiments as well. In fact, Google Play is informing its users that the game is not available for download on its store. When its users search for the game, the store will respond that the app cannot be downloaded from Google Play.

The rare response from Google is seen as an attempt to protect them from copycat apps. Moreover, the message also sends pressure to Epic Games as it encourages more customer complaints from users who want to ensure that they are downloading the game safely.

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